Taibo - a complex exercise, which includes elements of martial arts, such as punches and kicks, which has become popular since the 1990s. Activities were designed Taibo American Billy Blanks tae kwon do, and became one of the first combat complex fitness programs that have received great commercial success around the world.  Taibo - a fitness program with elements of martial arts

Classes Taibo used elements of martial movements at a rapid pace, and the main principles are self-improvement, spiritual and physical calm awareness of themselves and the world.

Classes Taibo held around the world today, using very popular among people of all age categories. According to reviews, Taipei includes punches and kicks as karate, but Taibo classes do not focus on teaching self-defense. There are no shots, captures and reflection attacks, are not practiced and practiced sparring punches.

This type of training increases the effect of fitness, includes movement of step aerobics and various dance styles, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the body. Trainings are held by fast and energetic music, and created a complex Encourages the Taibo to the rhythm of hip-hop.

Trainings are held at a high pace and intensity that improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, it develops strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Use lessons Taibo

Taibo has been developed as an alternative to aerobics and cardio workout that focuses on achieving peace of mind, the mind of enlightenment and development of physical strength and endurance. Thus, the advantages of Taibo is not just about achieving physical fitness, but also to achieve peace of mind and harmony with the environment.

According to reviews, Taipei not only develops the muscles of the body, but also improves balance, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular system.

Includes lessons Taibo elements help in the development of taekwondo identity and adding confidence. The elements of martial arts combined with boxing punches and dance moves cooperating work of the mind and body, increase mental and physical performance, enhance coordination, accuracy and speed.

The most attractive aspect of the training is to Taibo effectiveness for weight loss. Taibo hours of training burns 500 to 800 calories, whereas a traditional aerobics helps burn no more than 400 calories in the same period of training.  Classes Taibo - a good way to lose weight

Efficiency Taibo diet caused intense workouts, which leads to the production of sweat and weight loss at a faster rate, provided that the exercise carried out at least three times a week.

Engage Taibo can people of all ages and even pregnant, but better than before exercise to consult a doctor, as large and heavy loads are useful not for everyone.

Taibo for girls is a way to quickly lose weight without any diet change and sitting on a rigid diet. Upon termination of training Taibo girls are no problems with a sharp set of weight loss, it does not come back for a long period of time.

Classes Taibo can be carried out in two ways. The easiest way is to select any of the sports center, where there is a dedicated coach who received Taibo technology and having a clear understanding of all the elements and the basic principles of the fitness industry.

The second way is that the creator Billy Blanks Taibo complex in 1995 produced a dozen video tutorials that can be viewed and practiced without leaving home.