Imaging light

 Computed tomography of the lungs
 Light tomography - a method of diagnosis of lung diseases. Spend it with a ring-shaped X-rays, taking pictures of light at different angles. There was widespread computer tomography, which enables digitized images obtained, to provide for the analysis of multiple sections of the lungs.

Make tomography lung can be in two modes: to assess the condition of the lungs and mediastinal organs: trachea, heart, superior vena cava, lymph nodes, pulmonary artery and aorta.

In some cases, when there are difficulties in diagnosis, the patient is administered a contrast to get a better look easy.

With tomography can detect chronic embolism, tuberculosis, diffuse disease, lung cancer (tumor location, lymph node status, and the presence of metastasis), pneumonia, occupational diseases caused by the inhalation of silica particles of asbestos, silica, etc.

Indications for imaging

Make tomography pulmonary administered in such states, and suspected them:

  • changing the structure of the lung tissue;
  • irregularities in the thymus,
  • pleural fluid;
  • inflammation of the thoracic lymph nodes;
  • diseases of the sternum and the ribs;
  • changes in the pericardium;
  • neoplasms benign and malignant lung and pleura
  • foreign bodies in the lung;
  • bronchiectasis

Preparation for imaging of lung

In the appointment of such an examination is necessary to warn patients of the doctor about pregnancy, lactation, heart disease, asthma, thyroid problems, the presence of myeloma a history of claustrophobia.

 Explanation snapshot imaging of lung
 Imaging light - the procedure is painless and brief, but patients at increased emotional excitability and anxiety caused by the planned inspection, is allowed to take a sedative.

In some cases, practice anesthesia before imaging, to ensure the immobility of the patient: children and "heavy" patients.

Just before the procedure, the patient should be to strip to the waist, take off jewelry and items containing metal, lie on a table. Move during the examination impossible. Have a pacemaker is not a contraindication for imaging.

The X-ray office patient is one, and the technology that monitors the equipment is in the next room. Communication between them occurs through the intercom.

Imaging results are ready immediately after the inspection and radiologist may sound basic diagnosis of the patient. Detailed concluded in writing can be picked up only after 1-2 days.

You can spend tomography pulmonary children?

Considering that imaging involves exposure of the patient, the appointment tomography pulmonary children, not all parents consider it appropriate and fear serious consequences of radiological impact beams.

Appointing tomography pulmonary children, the doctor comes from those reasons that the radiation dose is small, the procedure itself takes only 1-7 minutes, and can be dangerous, and the benefits of timely diagnosis is many times higher than the putative harm from radiation. Therefore, such an examination is allowed to appoint even newborns.

An alternative light imaging and radiation can be magnetic resonance imaging - a study based on the ability of hydrogen emission of electromagnetic waves. The possibility of using this method is dependent on the specifics of the disease and this should be discussed with your doctor.