Breast ultrasound

 Breast ultrasound
 Breast ultrasound - a painless, safe and informative method of diagnosing breast ultrasound using the drug.

Breast ultrasound is done to diagnose various mass lesions detected by palpation. It is believed that the US successfully completes mammography. With the sighting biopsy under ultrasound guidance could be achieved more accurate assessment of disease.

When it is necessary to make a breast ultrasound

  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • When complaints of breast disease;
  • With the purpose of preventive examination of mammary glands, onkoosmotra (for women younger than 30 years old - once a year for women over 30 years - 2 times a year);
  • When the inflammatory process in the dynamics;
  • To clarify the diagnosis in detecting breast tumors by palpation or X-ray mammography;
  • When nodal mastopathy with atypical manifestations;
  • When axillary lymph nodes in order to clarify the nature of their increase;
  • For the diagnosis of cysts of various sizes;
  • To assess the state of silicone breast prostheses;
  • At the same time sklerozirovanii several cysts.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • To make a breast ultrasound does not require any injections and needles, so the procedure is absolutely painless;
  • Preparations ultrasound are readily available, there is almost every hospital, and the study does not take a lot of time and cheaper than other methods of diagnosis;
  • Decoding breast ultrasound can be used to demonstrate real-time, making it easy to carry out additional procedures, such as biopsy;
  • Ultrasound is used to detect pathologies which are difficult to obtain during mammography alone;
  • Using ultrasound can determine not only the sick zones, but also healthy.

During the breast ultrasound interpretation of the results is sometimes a problem. Explanation breast ultrasound may require some additional research in the form of a biopsy or ultrasound. Most suspicious areas as a result of additional research are healthy;

Preparation for breast ultrasound

To perform breast ultrasound, preparation is not necessary. Experts recommend to carry out research from the 5th to the 14th day of the menstrual cycle.

Engineering study

The patient is asked to undress above the waist. Most often, a study carried out in the supine position. Doctor inflict on a woman's breast a special water-based gel, and then make the transmitter close to the body, gently moving them in the target area to obtain the desired results. In most cases the pressure transmitter does not cause any discomfort.

 Carrying breast ultrasound
 The first examined healthy breast, and then conducting studies with a probable cancer pathology. The study includes a mandatory scan of the four zones of lymph nodes: supraclavicular, subclavian, axillary, and perenagrudnoy zones. The whole procedure takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

Contraindications to the study

Ultrasonography - a harmless non-invasive procedure, so there is no contraindication to its implementation is not.


  • Ultrasound can be used to diagnose breast, but it is not a basis for refusing to visit mammalogy;
  • Many cancers can not be seen by making a breast ultrasound. This will require a number of additional studies, including biopsy;
  • After the biopsy, most focal areas are healthy;
  • In preparation for breast ultrasound is important to choose a hospital, specialization is a breast ultrasound exactly, as there are more than narrow specialists;
  • Explanation breast ultrasound depends on whether the notice doctor performing the procedure, pathology during the initial inspection. And for this important experience and quality equipment.