Ultrasound uterus

 Procedure ultrasound uterus
 Ultrasound uterus and appendages - ultrasound examination, which gives an idea gynecologist about the state of the uterus and appendages (the fallopian tubes, ovaries), their shape, size and structure.

As a result of ultrasound often can be concluded because of infertility to diagnose gynecological diseases.

Features of the ultrasound of the uterus and appendages

Ultrasound of the uterus are women who at a standard examination on the basis of complaints were detected symptoms of gynecological diseases: pain in the lower abdomen before or during menstruation, prolonged and painful menstruation, intermenstrual bleeding.

In addition, carry out ultrasound of the uterus during pregnancy. A survey administered to confirm the uterine (or ectopic) pregnancy, hydatidiform mole exception. Ultrasound of the uterus during pregnancy in early pregnancy helps to clarify the status of the pregnancy, her time, and in the presence of pathologies - the problem and the appointment of treatment or the need for abortion,

Quality inspection can be carried out only when filling of the bladder, so a woman a few hours before ultrasound is recommended to drink 1, 5-2l water. Perform ultrasound 5-7 day cycle.

US appendages undergo prescribed for women who have complaints about irregular menstrual bleeding and the absence of pain in the lower abdomen, infertility.

As well as ultrasound uterus, when examining tubes and ovaries in case the examination is performed outside, through the front wall of the peritoneum, a woman needs to fill the bladder. If the patient was appointed to go transvaginal examination (sensor inserted inside the vagina), and specially prepared to fill the bladder is not necessary.

US appendages desirable held at the same time as the ultrasound of the uterus. If you want to explore the development of ovarian follicles, ultrasound is performed several times during the menstrual cycle.

The results of ultrasound uterus

The survey results - and abdominal and transvaginal woman gets on her arm shortly after US, on the same day.

 Scheme of ultrasound uterus
 Finally, the doctor provides information on the shape of the uterus, its size, wall thickness and endometrial matching his day cycle, there are deviations in the development and structure of the cervix, about the size of the ovaries, their structure, the presence of mature follicles. Data on the results of the fallopian tubes in a healthy US women should not be - the tube without pathologies in the US can not be seen.

The rules for the size of the uterus non-pregnant women: length - 70mm width - 60mm, anteroposterior size - 42mm.

The rules for the size of the ovaries: width - 25 mm, length - 30mm, thickness - 15mm.

In addition to the results of the ultrasound of the uterus may be data on the detection of the disease:

  • fibroids - tumors of the muscular layer (myometrium) of the uterus of a benign nature. Ultrasound can detect fibroids just 1cm in diameter;
  • endometriosis. A disease in which the uterus is beyond the cavity. With ultrasound you can not put a definitive diagnosis, since small bubbles are visible only in the uterus, but the survey gives you the opportunity to appoint additional tests;
  • polyps. It occurs when the lining of the uterus grows. On US doctor when the disease sees a thickening or growth of the endometrium;
  • malformations. So called explicit variation in size, shape, location of the cancer. Ultrasound of the uterus allows diagnose antlered, hypoplasia, saddle uterus. If the malformation is detected, the woman is administered contrast for more detailed study of the body;
  • cervical or endometrial. Malignant neoplasm detected on the cervix or in its mucosa;
  • polycystic ovaries. The disease occurs due to hormonal imbalance. On ultrasound the doctor says ovarian capsule thickening, increased ovarian cysts finds;
  • salpingitis. Inflammation of the fallopian tubes, because of which they are formed adhesions can cause infertility. In the US it is clear that the fallopian tubes are thickened.
  • tumor tubes and ovaries. US appendages allows to detect tumors, evaluate their size and structure. For a more accurate diagnosis and treatment of the patient need to undergo additional testing.