Psychiatry - field of medicine concerned with the study, treatment and rehabilitation of mental or emotional disorders. Mental illness is considered to be a condition other than mental health, but it is a relative concept and can vary depending on the conditions and personal qualities. Psychiatry feature is that sometimes obvious mental disorders without organic changes occurring in the body, it is not always possible to determine either quantitatively or qualitatively, and diagnosis is performed based on testing. The main problem is the loss of mental illness patients from normal social life.

Mental illness is very common, according to medical statistics, every fifth person is exposed to some form of mental disorder, temporary or permanent. Suffering from mental illnesses people of any age, including children, some of the disease appear in early childhood, such as autism.

Child psychiatry occupies a special place in psychiatry, as the child's mind is very labile, and with proper care and adequate treatment of the child fails to return to normal life, including social. The main treatment of mental disorders in children is rehabilitation, including psychological and social. Child psychiatry is currently developing in the direction of maximum adaptation of the child to the company of other children, moving away from the isolation of the sick child, as it was accepted earlier.

Rehabilitation, especially social, is one of the important places in the treatment of mental illnesses, this is an area where psychiatry is closely related to psychology and pedagogy. Currently largely reviewed and improved treatments of mental illness. Novel Group of drugs more effective and give fewer side effects, are widely used physiotherapy. Comprehensive treatment, using auxiliary methods, such as art therapy, occupational therapy, animaloterapiya, can achieve significant success, and if you do not completely cure the disease, at least, to achieve positive dynamics and prevent the collapse of the individual.