About Gynecology


Gynecology literally means "the science of women." This branch of medicine dealing with the female reproductive system. Although there are no medical unimportant and secondary areas, yet gynecology refers to the most important and necessary, because the health of the female reproductive system depends not only she, but her child, but in a global sense - the future generations.

Healthcare female reproductive system is laid in childhood. Especially vulnerable in this respect teenage girls, as in this period is hormonal changes the body. Inflammatory diseases of the uterus at the teenage girls who have become, alas, too frequent, are very dangerous because they can lead to irreversible changes, and later infertility. Diseases of the reproductive system of girls and adolescents involved in child gynecology.

Women's health depends on many factors, from genetic peculiarities of the environment in which the development of the reproductive system, the state of the immune system, and how seriously it concerns the woman. Feature female genitalia is that it works in a special cyclic mode. This rhythm is set by hormones, so is directly related to gynecology endocrinology. It is a close and direct relationship, since the state of the endocrine glands that produce the female sex hormones, as much depends on the health of internal genitals.

Another feature of the female reproductive system is its sensitivity to pathological changes in the body. Therefore, gynecologists insist on periodic checkups. You must visit the gynecologist at least once a year, provided that the woman did not bother. Of course, the existing symptoms of the disease this should be done more often.

Modern gynecology has a significant arsenal of tools to cure the vast majority of so-called 'women's diseases. " Now successfully treated even malignant tumors of the uterus and its appendages. An important and often decisive aspect is timely access to a doctor. For example, cancer of the cervix, when caught in the early stages of development, can be cured in 95% of cases, and at the current stage of development of gynecology this can be done with gentle, sparing techniques.

Gynecology is what precedes pediatrics, it is necessary to remember every woman.