Sausage is a food product prepared from minced meat of one or more kinds of meat. Caloric sausages depends on its type, due to its member ingredients and the method of preparation.

 Caloric sausage 100 g - 220 to 310 kcal
 Meats, cooked to the proper technology, the contents of only meat and spices, can be attributed to a healthy diet. However, modern industry to reduce the cost, increase the shelf life and improve the visual appeal for the preparation of sausages using extremely harmful to the organism ingredients and food additives. As a result, the frequent use of the industrial production of sausages increases the risk of various diseases - renal dysfunction, gout, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, besides calorie sausage, when it is selected should be treated with attention to food additives, which must be listed on the label   - Addition of sodium nitrate, according to STATE, in the manufacture of sausages, other additives should not be used. You should also know that in the lower grades of sausages contain only a small percentage of meat, and the bulk of its weight is protein (vegetable and milk), jelly, artificial oils and other ingredients intended to remind the sausage meat.

Top quality and calorie sausages are considered domestic products, made with lean meat, without food additives, subject to technology and a minimal amount of salt and fat.

Grades and calorie sausage

Cooked sausage, usually made from minced salted at about 75-85 degrees Celsius. It has a limited shelf life due to the large amount of water that it contains. Besides meat, depending on the variety, this kind of sausage added soy. Calorie sausage ranges from 220 to 310 kcal per 100 g   On average, this type of sausage contains up to 15% protein and 30% fat.

One of the most popular varieties of cooked sausages are: Amateur, Doctor and milk. Calorie doctor's sausage, subject to the process, is 257 kcal per 100 grams, it is second only to the Amateur (301 kcal) and the Calf (316 kcal).

Least of all calories in cooked sausages:

  • Dietetic - 170 kcal;
  • Separately - 228 kcal.

Despite the high calorie, doctoral sausage is popular due to the high taste and quite a long shelf life. It is traditionally used not only for sandwiches, but also for some winter salads, for example, olive, and there are recipes with her hash and other soups.

For the diet should choose the lowest-calorie sausages and the lowest percentage of fat. For Example, calorie sausages Dietetic least not only among cooked varieties , But also other types of sausages. Also in this grade contains a minimum percentage of fat - 13%.

Calorie boiled-smoked sausages

Due to the technology of preparation of calories in sausages cooked smoked much more. During cooking, it is first cooked and then subjected to smoking. Usually this type of sausage products contain more spices, and other ingredients as may be flour, milk, cream and starch.

Also calorie sausages depends on the composition of minced meat - boiled-smoked sausages can contain not only homogeneous minced meat and pieces of a certain size.

The shelf life of this kind of sausage and a bit more of an average of 15 days. Also, higher calorie sausages and, for example:

  • Amateur - 420 kcal;
  • Servelat - 461 kcal.

Types and calorie smoked sausages

To prepare the smoked sausage stuffing, first fried, then boiled and smoked. Such treatment reduces the weight loss products, and also affects the taste and calorie sausages.

Raw sausage during cooking do not handle high temperatures. They are subjected to dehydration and fermentation, which increases their manufacturing (30 to 40 days). Modern nutritional supplements can reduce the term of its aging up to 21 days or less. Calorie-smoked sausages varies from 340 to 570 calories, depending on the variety. They contain from 28% to 57% fat, and protein content - not more than 28%.

 Calorie doctor's sausage 100 g - 257 kcal
 The most popular are the following types of smoked sausages:

  • Krakow semi-smoked - 466 kcal;
  • Minsk semi-smoked - 287 kcal;
  • Semi-smoked Poltava - 417 kcal;
  • Ukrainian semi-smoked - 376 kcal;
  • Amateur smoked - 514 kcal;
  • Moscow smoked - 473 kcal.

However, calorie sausages is not the only criterion on which to build when it is selected.   It is also necessary to pay attention to its composition, shelf life, appearance and odor.