Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage is a cosmetic and therapeutic massage using special equipment aimed at the treatment of cellulite, excess weight, stagnation in the neck and back.  Vacuum massage session in the cabin

Features vacuum massage

The main component of this type of massage is the use of a vacuum, which accelerates tissue oxygenation and normalizes metabolism. Due to the effects of the vacuum improves lymph flow, removes toxins and reduces edema.

Vacuum massage as hardware technology improves elasticity and skin tone.

Good reviews vacuum massage is effective as a preventive method directed against aging. Procedure affects the muscles, tissues and vessels.

After the vacuum massage face are stimulated collagen production and maintenance of lifting effect with an increase in the protective functions of the epidermis.

This method allows the hardware to create an individual course of treatments for each patient with a specific type and condition of the skin problem areas.

High-performance device for vacuum massage acts on the deep fat deposits, areas with stagnant, as well as the problem areas of the face and body.

Massage with special rollers are designed for vacuum massage cellulite as a result of which the effects on the skin folds and subcutaneous fat, and held their subsequent elimination.

Home vacuum massage

Home vacuum massage using cans or special device is a budget alternative to hardware massage in the beauty salon or medical center.

Such vacuum domestic procedures necessary to carry out the course of several sessions lasting 7-10 minutes.

Positive feedback has both vacuum massage procedure aimed at restoring muscle tissue, improve blood circulation, slow aging and increase the strength of the connective tissue.

Effective cellulite vacuum massage using a special device, massager, which removes excess fluid from the tissues, exposing them to a vacuum to remove the effects of subcutaneous fat.  Home vacuum massage is performed with the help of a special device

In carrying out this massage at home, you must first massage the problem areas of the hands, warm up the body and cause banks antiallergic oil. Can not be used in the procedure of aggressive products containing pepper, essential oils and grapefruit.

Course home treatments should be 12-15 sessions lasting 10 minutes, which should be done in a day. In the intermediate days you must take a relaxing bath with salts and herbs.

Advantages of vacuum massage

Vacuum massage has a number of useful features and benefits. These include:

  • effective elimination of muscle pain and spasms;
  • painless procedure;
  • effective treatment of cellulite and overweight;
  • preventing aging and prevention of wrinkles;
  • tightening of the skin, improving its elasticity;
  • relaxation and stress relief after intense stress, fatigue and stress;
  • eliminate fibroids for several sessions;
  • Correction figures and faces.


Vacuum massage is contraindicated in severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, varicose veins, cancer, acute and chronic inflammatory processes in internal organs, open wounds, thrombosis, respiratory diseases, pregnancy and lactation.

Precautions vacuum massage is prescribed for mental disorders, kidney failure, thyroid disease, increased swelling, allergic reactions, as well as in children and the elderly.