Vacuum cleaning person

Vacuum cleaning person - one of the safest and simplest cosmetic procedures. Vacuum cleaning  Vacuum cleaning person in the cabin
 It is used to cleanse the skin from pollution, to eliminate the sebaceous plugs, release the skin from dead skin particles, and to open the pores. Many reviews of the vacuum cleaning person confirmed that this procedure is not only perfectly cleanses the skin and improves the complexion, but also removes surface contamination. Compared with other methods of cleaning vacuum cleaning painless and low-traumatic.

Apparatus for vacuum cleaning of the face

Apparatus for cleaning a vacuum equipped with a special tip and a plurality of interchangeable nozzles. Tip helps injecting air into the unit under negative pressure. The pressure of air is not pressing on the treated area of ​​the skin and pulls her inside. The unit suction force literally pulls out dirt, while promoting and stimulating the lymph circulation.

To maximize the cleansing of pores and sebaceous glands from dirt and grease should be applied beak tip. For lymphatic drainage should be used special drainage pipe round shape. To reduce wrinkles and achieve the effect of rejuvenation is necessary to use a flat nozzle made of glass, which allows to eliminate age-related skin changes.

Indications for vacuum cleaning of the face

Vacuum cleaning person should be used for oily and combination skin. When vacuum cleaning sebaceous glands are not damaged as the use of mechanical cleaning methods.

In the presence of sebaceous plugs and blackheads vacuum cleaning procedure should be used for steaming and cleansing the skin of dirt that clog it and interferes with normal eating and breathing.

In violation of this type of skin surface cleaning provides lymphatic drainage effect, increasing blood flow to the treated area.

Contraindications for vacuum cleaning

This procedure is not suitable for delicate and dry skin, with the skin with a tendency to couperose, as well as skin and dilated vessels. It is impossible to carry out the vacuum cleaning in periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases  Vacuum cleaning person at home
 and inflammation of the skin.

Vacuum cleaning at home

Vacuum cleaning person can be carried out both in the salon and at home. Before cleaning, you must completely clear the skin of makeup and degrease it with a tonic. It is desirable to pre-steam the skin to open the pores by means of a warming gel or bath. Next, the skin should be treated with the device for vacuum cleaning person. The nozzle unit is strictly necessary to drive a circular motion along the massage lines. The tip of the device must be periodically washed in any disinfectant. Cleaning procedure should last no more than fifteen minutes. Vacuum cleaning should be applied porostyagivayuschuyu mask or protective moisturizer.

Vacuum cleaning is recommended once a month or once in two months (depending on the skin).

It is best to combine the vacuum cleaning of the face with other types of cleansing or with subsequent manual cleaning.