Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face - the procedure gentle cleaning of the skin from dead cells, dirt, sebum, comedones, blockages of sebaceous glands.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

Under the influence  Carrying out ultrasonic cleaning person
 ultrasonic wave damaged skin tissues are recovered, reduced local inflammation, increased synthesis of collagen and elastin synthesis of intracellular proteins as well as immunological defense mechanisms are activated .  Clinical trials have shown that, after ultrasonic cleaning of the amount of collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layers of the dermis is increased by 30% .  Ultrasound has on the skin as possible mild effects .  It does not expose the skin stretched and compressed, it does not break the top layer .  Many reviews on ultrasonic cleaning person confirmed that the procedure is absolutely painless .  High-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, producing skin tissue micro, purify it from the old cells .  In this new, young cells, not injured .  Waves provide a heating and oxygenation of the skin cells .  They help to enhance venous return and lymphatic drainage, thus providing a natural skin moisturizing .  Ultrasound softens and smoothes post-traumatic and post-operative scars and seals .

After the ultrasonic cleaning the face looks fresher and younger. The facial skin is tightened by visually smoothing superficial wrinkles, narrow pores, improves overall skin texture.

Indications for ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is used in all kinds of acne, post-traumatic and post-surgical scars, as well as age keratosis, early wrinkles and flaccidity of facial muscles, with fading, sagging skin for the prevention of premature aging.

The procedure is also prescribed for uneven complexion, with coarsening of the stratum corneum, as well as the stagnation of fluid in the tissues.

Contraindications Ultrasonic face cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is contraindicated in pregnancy, as well as blood diseases, circulation problems, disorders of heart rhythm, sinusitis and in acute sinusitis.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaning at elevated temperature of the body, cancer, severe skin lesions, inflammation, pustular diseases, hypersensitivity, as well as the presence in the human body pacemakers or implants (metal staples, gold thread). Pins, crowns, braces on teeth are not a contraindication for ultrasound  Ultrasonic cleaning of the face at home
   face cleansing.

How do ultrasonic cleaning person

Facial Cleansing can be done at home with the help of ultrasonic devices for home use.

In the first stage of the procedure is necessary to remove makeup and cleanse your face with a mask or lotion. With a significant actinic to soften and exfoliate the top layer of skin we recommend using scrub. Next, the skin should apply a special gel for ultrasound cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning should be from ten minutes to half an hour. The more polluted the skin, the longer it should last cleansing. During the procedure, do not touch the area around the eyes and mouth.

After ultrasonic cleaning on the face mask should be applied to care. Mask soothes and narrows pores. Finally, on the face it is necessary to impose a special cream.

If you have dry, sensitive or normal skin enough to carry out one procedure once a month. When acne ultrasound should be used at least once in ten days.