Trichology - a narrow section of Dermatology, has been studying the structure and hair growth disorders and their treatment. Trichology - the science  Trichology - the science of hair treatment
   very young and is on the stage of development, so the domestic medicine specialty physician triholog and Trichology clinic are quite exotic.

The main function of hair is to protect other organs from the effects of various infections and the penetration of foreign bodies. On the human body hair are almost everywhere, except in some areas (heels, palms, lips). Furthermore, the hair retain heat, protecting our bodies from damage.

Science trichology paying attention to such factors as the length and density of hair, the presence or absence of a healthy shine, hair color. For example, a thick, shiny, beautiful hair with no signs of breakage and dandruff indicate the excellent state of health of the person. A brittle and dull hair, hair loss and baldness talk about the possible psychological and physical health problems.

History of Trichology

In the West, as a separate scientific trichology flow was generated in the mid-20th century. To date, there trichologists International Association, the European Society for the study of hair and various national associations trichologists. The most significant contribution to the establishment of Trichology reviews have Spanish, German, Italian and British dermatological school. In the West, the practical trichology paying much attention. There's a part of aesthetic medicine prepare young professionals and trichologists trichologists.

In Russia trichology appeared in the early 90s of the 20th century, but the first experts in this area - only a few years ago. According to the Ministry of Health Education Classification in Russia this profession as triholog, today does not exist.

Trichology - the cause of hair diseases

Hair is not an independent body and are an appendage of the skin. Therefore, in the first hair health depends on the condition of the skin. All processes in the human body, are closely interrelated. Even the most minor malfunction of the immune or hormonal system, constant stress and nervous breakdowns, psychological problems, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and other organs and systems will not hesitate to reflect on the state of the skin, and, consequently, on the state of human hair.

The main problem that people come to the clinic Trichology - is alopecia (hair loss). According to statistics, about 75% of the world's population have problems with hair. By diseases are dandruff and hair, weakening and exhaustion of hair, seborrhea, brittle and split hair.

Special attention in the treatment of diseases of the hair trichology pays hereditary factors. It has been proved that heredity has a direct impact on the development of certain diseases. On the basis of the doctor-triholog and selects the appropriate treatment of the patient.

Trichology - diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hair

Clinics  Trichology is studying the structure of the hair
 Trichology to date using the most modern methods of hair treatment. For the correct diagnosis at the disposal of professionals are the classic laboratory methods (mikroelementarny and biochemical analysis of the hair). Widely used methods mikrovideodiagnostiki that allow doctors to pinpoint the most disease and its cause.

Maximum results in the treatment of hair science trichology Review achieved through the use of modern pharmacological drugs and physiotherapy. Along with cutting-edge treatment methods are widely used and proven folk remedies, because a century of experience in the fight against hair problems allowed to gather an impressive arsenal of existing tools and techniques.

In most cases, the disease of hair - it's only the symptoms of diseases of any organ or system. On the basis of diagnostic studies triholog doctor may advise the patient to consult a specialist to pass a certain profile: immunologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, etc. Moreover, in such cases, the patient does not hurt to pass a comprehensive examination of the body in order to identify the underlying disease, which triggered a deterioration of the hair.

By trichology reviews provides a real opportunity to confront different pathologies and manifestations of fatigue hair that lead to hair loss or baldness.