Thermage is a modern anti-aging treatments with high efficiency, which has no contraindications and do not cause allergic reactions. After the procedure is left no trace on the face, do not require special skin care.  Thermage - rejuvenation

Features and benefits of the procedure Thermage

Thermage is a cosmetic procedure, is the impact of low-frequency waves into the skin, stimulating collagen production and has a rejuvenating effect.

The European cosmetics this procedure has been applied a few years ago, and now is popular due to its high efficiency and safety.

In the US and some European countries in 2002 conducted research methodology Thermage centers of aesthetic medicine. As a result, we obtained a high effect of rejuvenation, skin tightening after childbirth, treatment of cellulite, restoring elasticity after weight loss.

Positive feedback is Thermage as a method of quick facelift conducted with the help of highly reliable advanced equipment.

Thermage device allows the waves to penetrate the skin of 5-7 mm and heat the tissue, stimulating cell regeneration processes and producing facial rejuvenation. ThermaCool equipment with special nozzles having up to 20 types of processing that eliminates the problem of the skin and effectively protect the upper layers of the tissue with the help of cooling spray. Nozzles with sensors allow to control the penetration depth of the radiation, the temperature of the skin and the area of ​​influence of radio pulses.

Thermage is a major advantage of the absence of contraindications, except for the presence of silicone implants under the skin. Also cosmetic procedure is carried out by painless with individual selection intensity low frequency effect on the skin, depending on the type of problem areas of the face.

If necessary, a cosmetologist may appoint local anesthesia for 2-3 hours if you want to rank high intensity.

Thermage received good reviews as a method of non-surgical intervention with an effect similar to braces and surgical correction of the face.

Before the process beautician treats the face of special tools, and then for 20-40 minutes treats the face and neck Thermage device. The procedure can last up to 2 hours.  Before and after the procedure Thermage

The lifting effect is visible immediately after the procedure, and the final result is evident within 2-3 months. The process of rejuvenation of the body is carried out over several years.

Skin treatment and elimination of cellulite

Thermage is actively used for the treatment of diseases of the skin and cellulite. Methods course therapy allows you to quickly and safely reach high results in treatment.

Under the influence of low-frequency radiation is eliminated not only the outer skin defect, but also deeper causes of cellulite. Radio pulses penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer, pulling exercise, removes excess fat and stimulate the production of collagen for skin rejuvenation.

Procedure Thermage can eliminate not only the cellulite, but also various skin problems including sagging, laxity, the presence of wrinkles or defects. To get the result is enough 4-7 procedures.

This cosmetic procedure is indicated for use even in old age, and can be used for face, neck and different parts of the body. The course of treatment may be combined with other anti-aging procedures, as well as carried out as part of a preventive complex against hair loss, correction of excess weight and maintain a healthy looking skin.