Termolifting - thermal effect on the skin and body, which promotes the activation of fibroblasts in the subcutaneous connective tissue, resulting in the renewal of the collagen molecules and increased production of elastin. The effect of termoliftinga, reviews, grows gradually and is enhanced development of the cells of hyaluronic acid.  Procedure termoliftinga persons

Why termolifting so popular?

The basis of this method is a well-known method of electrotherapy - diathermy, ie warming. When termolifting thermal effect of high frequency current is on the dermis and subcutaneous fat. The epidermis is not affected.

It is known that the dermis acts as a kind of frame the skin so that its mechanical properties: elasticity, resilience, strength. The dermal layer of the skin of these qualities required to elastin and collagen, which should be sufficient to enter into its composition. At a young age collagen and elastin are synthesized and regularly updated, but with age, this process slows down. Also slows down the functioning of fibroblasts - special cells that destroy and dispose of the old damaged fibers of collagen and elastin. As a result of age significantly deteriorate the properties of the dermis, resulting in loss of skin firmness, wrinkles, sagging and sagging.

Termolifting face and body helps to activate metabolism and blood flow, resulting in the fact that the dermal layer of the skin begins to revive. Under the influence of a certain temperature in the body starts the process of remodeling of collagen, the skin begins to acquire elasticity, reduces wrinkles, skin is reduced and compacted.

The heat restores fibroblasts, which destroy and remove old cells of elastin and collagen, stimulating the production of new ones. As a result, the dermis is updated.

According to the reviews of termolifting professionals, rejuvenation of the skin occurs due to the use of internal resources by the restoration of the dermal cells of its own, which allows for long-term lifting effect.

Benefits termoliftinga

Externally, the effect is a great alternative thermo plastic surgery, and in some respects is even more preferable. The main advantage of the procedure termoliftinga, reviews, is that the effect is due to the global improvement of the skin, while a surgical lift corrects visible defects, but are not able to save people from the age of Internal symptoms of aging.

The method termoliftinga

Before you undergo the procedure termoliftinga, it is necessary to prepare. Two weeks before the procedure should abandon the sauna, natural tan, tanning, and do peeling.

The procedure itself consists of three stages:

  • cleansing;
  • applying to the skin cooling gel;
  • exposure through the guide nozzle selected type of radiation and the simultaneous flow of cooling pulses.

The procedure takes about an hour to two hours, depending on the problem being solved, after which the patient immediately see the effect: the skin looks younger, it becomes supple and taut.

In contrast to many cosmetic procedures, termolifting, reviews, a completely painless procedure. The course consists of 3-5 sessions, but the effect reaches a maximum of six months and is maintained for several years.

After the termoliftinga recommended for two weeks to refrain from taking hot baths, do not go out in the sun, not to exfoliation and epilation. For five days after the procedure is not necessary to engage in sports or other physical activities.

Types termoliftinga

  • Deep Laser termolifting. It is to use a laser beam. More used laser termolifting face as great help to cope with the problem of sagging skin and double chin. But the visible body correction it is also suitable;
  • Infrared termolifting. The method consists in warming of some parts of the skin by infrared rays. Since this method has a small penetration (to 5 mm), and the effect of it is not too pronounced. More suitable for the correction of skin relief at a young age - 35 years;
  • Radio wave or radio frequency termolifting. It has an impact even on the very deep layers of the skin (4 cm). Produced using the fixing on the skin of several electrodes, which under the influence of the magnetic field provide heating to a temperature of 39 degrees, facilitating fibroblast activation.

What problems solves termolifting?

Termolifting can be done in different parts of the body. For example, a person termolifting reduces facial wrinkles around the mouth and nasolabial folds. With termoliftinga person can establish a clear path and get rid of the double chin, remove "crow's feet" around the eyes, tighten the upper and lower eyelid, to reduce the vertical wrinkles above the upper lip.

Termolifting popular in the hands, as it improves tone and elasticity of the skin, reduces the severity of the veins, and your skin is no longer to issue the true age of his mistress.  Before and after termoliftinga

To improve the texture of the skin do termolifting in the body. At the hips and buttocks, he helps to eliminate fat. Termolifting belly helps to strengthen the skin, sagging after massive weight loss or childbirth. Termolifting effectively removes stomach stretch after childbirth.

Termolifting at home

Regardless of whether you are going to make a person or termolifting termolifting stomach, you can choose one of three ways:

  • Buy mini device for termoliftinga. Such devices are sold to hospitals or specialized stores;
  • Make a warming massage. Spend it with moisturizer hyaluronic acid. After an intensive massage on problem areas need to make hot cotton swabs;
  • Termolifting at home can be done with a special thermo-cream. Apply it twice a day for several months.

However, be aware that the effect of termoliftinga at home will be weaker than during the procedure in specialized salons.

Contraindications termolifting

Termolifting contraindicated do when:

  • the presence of malignant or benign tumors in problem areas;
  • cancer;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • dermatoses in problem areas;
  • the presence of metallic implants in the treatment zone;
  • chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation;
  • have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator.