Haircut hot scissors - reviews and tips
 Haircut hot scissors - is increasingly popular method to remove split ends by means of special electric scissors . In the salons often offer termostrizhku owners of long hair. The fact that the hair below the shoulders exposed overdrying and breakage to a greater degree than shorter ones. This is due mainly to the fact that the natural lubrication that is produced by the sebaceous glands and protects hair against external influences, lacks the entire length. As a result, women are forced to use a huge amount of resources and constantly caring shear damaged ends. Haircut hot scissors, in the opinion of professionals, facilitates hair and promotes their growth.

Pros and cons of haircuts hot scissors

Every cosmetic procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Haircut hot scissors, in the opinion of those who have tried it on myself, is no exception.

This method is used if the tips of the hair whipped continuously, which sometimes leads to very unpleasant consequences. In particular, the hair can begin to delaminate along the entire length, and this, at least not aesthetically pleasing. The main advantage of hot scissors haircut is that there is a "soldering" ends, so the hair cease to deform more . This is due to the coagulation of keratin by heat. Thermal impact is only part of the cut, so this procedure is generally harmless hair.

Glued tip is protected from aggressive dryer, ironing and detergents, as well as all kinds of adverse environmental factors. Thanks termostrizhke formed inside the capsule to retain moisture and vitamins needed hair, so in general they are more beautiful and healthy, so - grow faster. On the other hand, this effect is not immediately evident, and usually requires multiple sessions in order to observe it. In addition, it is impossible for one procedure to glue all the tips. Thus, the downside haircuts hot scissors concerns a long period of recovery of hair - in fact, many women wanting to keep the maximum length, visit the hairdresser every few months.

Another drawback - the high cost and long-lasting sealing process. But to bring the hair in order with the help of various shampoos, conditioners and masks are sometimes spend a considerable amount, and the result can never wait.

Significant plus haircuts hot scissors that hair length almost does not suffer As employed in small clumps just dissected and cut ends.

Technique haircuts hot scissors

Technique hot scissors haircut is quite complicated. Primarily via computer diagnostics determine the individual characteristics of hair - the structure, thickness and other factors. To do this, they enlarged image on the screen. According to the results of this study will also be able to advise the master optimal cosmetic care.

Depending on the type of hair selected blades required temperature which may reach 180 ° C. Random burns excluded as edging tool has protection and heats only the cutting surface. Consequently, You can perform haircuts hot scissors of any complexity .

The work itself lasts 1-4 hours. Each strand of twisted harness and cut split ends. Then the hair is shaped by changing the tool only when the expected shaving any portion. Then, instead of scissors, take a hot razor.

Careful selection of accessories and specialist in hot scissors haircut is crucial to the success of the procedure and the result of good appearance. Due to the high popularity, this service is available almost everywhere, but the cause is not always taken by professionals. If the cut is not correct, you can seriously damage your hair.

Seek a professional hairdresser is necessary for the following signs:

  • Wetting hair during;
  • Refusal to model haircut;
  • Using ordinary scissors to shape the hair;
  • BCF evasion techniques;
  • Too fast shutdown.

Always specify, whether trained master haircut hot scissors, and he can confirm the qualifications .

To hair is not whipped, you need to get rid of the underlying cause of this defect, otherwise termostrizhka be only a temporary solution.

The drying and brittle hair due to a variety of adverse factors:

  • Improper care;
  • Unbalanced diet;
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies;
  • The disadvantage of the liquid;
  • Bad habits;
  • Psycho-emotional turmoil;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Poor environmental conditions.

 Haircut hot scissors - pluses and minuses
 At constant detrimental effect on the health of hair haircut hot scissors produce short-term effects, since the damage to the internal structure of the hair will be repeated.

Hair Care after termostrizhki

Hair after a haircut hot scissors require careful care . It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of shampoo and other cosmetics. Also, it does not recommend rubbing your hair with a towel, and always use a hairdryer - it is better to prefer natural drying. If no hair dryer can not do, you need to choose gentle treatment - cold air.

Irons, curling irons and other appliances, to high temperatures over the entire surface, help to preserve brittle hair, so use them as undesirable. Styling more appropriate tools with ceramic heating element.

Experts recommend drinking plenty of fluids, take vitamins, and not to neglect headdresses.