Since the beginning of the last century tan became fashionable. He personified the woman's beauty, wealth and idleness. Actually the fashion for a tan and contributed to the emergence of the solarium. Today, even the most modest sports club or beauty salon in the list of services is bound to be the solarium.  Solarium - an electrical apparatus for tanning

What is a solarium?

Solarium - a device that generates radiation, which under the influence of the skin begins to synthesize the melanocytes and acquires the desired bronze shade. The radiation produced by solarium is almost identical to the sun. There are several types of tanning beds, which can be divided into professional and home. The main difference between them is that in a small number of home tanning lamps, usually not exceeding 24.

The main thing you need to know the person who wants to get a tan in the solarium-type home, this is what he would have to hold it much longer than professional. Lamp power is low there, but their number is smaller. But in general, home solarium is perfect for people who intend to only slightly improve the color and add a bit of health body, exhausted after a winter beriberi.

Modern professional solarium have the following features:

  • Electronic controls;
  • A large number of lamps, allowing to get a tan in just a 5-10 minutes;
  • The presence of a fan for cooling the customer while sunbathing;
  • Various additional services (mechanical lift, radio, etc.).

How to use a solarium? The essence of the solarium is very simple: the more light and more powerful than they are, the faster the client will get a tan. Very powerful solarium are ideal customers for whom every minute counts. However, remember that tanning session should not exceed 10-15 minutes. And when you first visit the solarium quite generally limited to 5-7 minutes. In solariums average power customer can soak a little longer.

Recently, very popular turbo solarium, differing increased comfort thanks to the advanced cooling system. As a result, the client is not at risk of overheating.

The mechanism of tanning is pretty simple. Under the influence of the radiation in the skin is the synthesis of special cells - melanocytes, which contain pigment melanin. The main function of melanin is to protect the skin from ultraviolet light. Thus, the longer a person is in the sun or in the solarium, the more melanin is a part of the newly formed cells. As a result, after tanning client appears beautiful bronze skin tone. However, to achieve the greatest effect it is necessary to go through several sessions.

As a solarium right?

In the opinion, it is not necessary to visit a solarium just after showering (baths, saunas). After washing the skin is deprived of natural defenses, leaving after tanning it can burn. We do not recommend also to visit a solarium with a damp skin.

Before visiting the solarium should not use perfume, as this can lead to irritation of the skin. All cosmetics must be washed before the session, as hormones, essential oils, dyes, make up cosmetics, can cause the formation of unsightly dark spots.

Nor should use sunscreen designed for tanning in the sun. This can lead to the appearance of "spotted tan." There is a special cosmetics for tanning beds, which you must use. It protects the skin from aging, making even and beautiful tan.

According to reviews, solarium makes the hair dry and brittle, so it is recommended to wear a special hat to them. And not to mouth went dry, you can use lip balm with UV.

In the eyes need to wear special glasses, which provides customers with facilities. Just eyes closed - unreliable protection as UV still penetrates closed eyelids and injures the retina. If you wear contact lenses, before a visit to the solarium is necessary to remove them.

Pacifiers also need protection. They can be covered with special stickers, or just close the hands.  As a solarium properly

After tanning take it a rule to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice - mango, carrot and apricot. These juices contain carotene, which strengthens the tan and makes it more beautiful.

After tanning can take a shower, put on a body moisturizer and a good rest.

According to reviews, the solarium should not go more than once a day. If you're burned, you should not go to the solarium, while your skin is completely restored.

Now that you know how to use a solarium, you can safely go for obtaining the beautiful and even tan without the damage to his body.

Contraindications to the solarium

Before you decide to get an artificial tan, remember that there are a number of contraindications to solarium.

For example, it is not recommended to visit a solarium during menstruation, since there is a possibility of increased bleeding and exacerbation of pain.

You can not get a tan in the solarium while taking antibiotics, diuretics, and psychotropic drugs, hormone therapy, oncological alertness (endometriosis, mastopathy, myoma nodes, etc.).

Stern solarium is a contraindication to pregnancy and breast-feeding, the presence of a large number of moles on the body, scars and rashes, the presence of skin diseases (vitiligo, dermatitis).

You can not visit a solarium as bronchial asthma, open tuberculosis, diseases of the thyroid, kidney and liver, cardiovascular system, diseases of the hematopoietic system and increased sensitivity to sunlight.