Indications radio wave removal of atheroma
 Atheroma, or wen - is a benign cystic formations located on the surface of the skin. Its distinctive features are almost complete inactivity and painless.

Often atheroma causes psychological stress and a source of regular human nervous disorders, as is obvious cosmetic defect. Imperceptible at first wen grows over time and becomes inflamed. Therefore doctors recommend to conduct the removal of atheroma as soon as possible . Today, there are three popular methods of treatment of cystic formations.

Removal of atheroma is surgically

Surgery is indicated in the event that other methods have not given appreciable effect. The operation is performed under local anesthesia in 5-10 minutes and consists of the following stages:

  • Preparation and processing footprint disinfectant solution;
  • Anesthesia okoloateromnoy area;
  • Microincision over wen;
  • Removal of atheroma through a puncture (with shell entirely, or in stages);
  • Hemostasis - stop bleeding from damaged vessels (if any);
  • Processing wound disinfectant;
  • Suturing and aseptic bandage on the operated area (if a small incision or surgery is performed on the scalp, the dressing does not overlap).

Thanks to surgical treatment can get rid of, even from large wen, while the postoperative scar is usually absent. The disadvantage of the method is that in removing atheroma color shaving of hair is required And it causes backlash in women.

Radio wave removal of atheroma

One of the most effective and safe methods for the removal of atheroma is a radio wave. Advantages of this method are evident:

  • 100% guarantee against recurrence, that is, re-visiting the same place;
  • No need for sutures;
  • As quickly as possible rehabilitation. In the opinion, removing atheroma recovery comes this way already in 3-5 days. For comparison, the classical surgery sutures are removed only at the tenth day;
  • Excellent cosmetic results, as after exposure to radio waves scar virtually invisible, and after about 2-4 months away no trace remains;
  • The procedure does not require a hospital stay;
  • Employability patient is not disturbed;
  • When removing atheroma color is not required to shave the hair.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and takes about 15-20 minutes. With the help of special equipment that generates radio waves, cell neoplasms vaporize.

Radio wave removal of atheroma is contraindicated in the presence of a pacemaker   or if the patient's body has a metallic objects (prostheses, pins and the like. d.). It is only a ban on the procedure.

Laser removal of atheroma

The laser method, as well as the treatment of radio waves, it is very common, because it has a good cosmetic effect and does not leave scars on the skin, which is especially important in the elimination of tumors on his face.

 Removal of atheroma - Testimonials
 Small talc (to 5 mm) was removed using a carbon dioxide laser evaporation method. This evaporation occurs layer by layer, first delete the contents of the cystic formation, and then the whole shell.

Laser removal of atheroma may be held in conjunction with surgery . This method is used in the case of large oil lamp to remove it along with the shell and prevent re-occurrence.

Among other advantages, the laser can be noted disinfecting effect painless and bloodless procedure and shorter recovery period. In addition, the operation does not require shaving in the case of carrying on the hairy part of the body.

Laser removal of atheroma procedure lasts about 20 minutes, the beam does not injure the surrounding tissue, and acts on target. Skin contact does not occur, which means that the risk of contamination is excluded.

Treatment atheromas may be carried in any phase of the disease. Wrong to think that the surgical removal of talc Only those who have reached great size. If they do not operate, they will grow and become inflamed, which complicate treatment and lengthen the recovery. Timely removal of atheroma, reviews, helps to avoid complications and get the expected cosmetic effect .