Sports massage

To increase physical endurance athletes, relieve fatigue, raise the general tone, eliminate the effects of trauma using a special technique of massage - sports massage.  The purpose of the pre-sports massage - warming up muscles

Sports massage is considered an important component of training athletes and preparing them for competitions.

Features sports massage from other types of massage is that it involves such an effect on the muscles, joints and skin a person that is able to quickly restore their functionality.

Carrying out this massage stimulates the sebaceous and sweat glands, metabolism, skin breath, improves blood circulation and skin nutrition.

Due to the fact that during the sports massage improves oxygen supply and nutrients, increased muscle performance.

Working joints during massage helps to improve their mobility, their rehabilitation after injuries.

It is noticed that the regular performance of sports massage improves the function of the heart, vascular walls come in tone.

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Depending on the technology impact on the tissues, joints and muscles, sports massage can be advanced, training, recovery.

Preliminary sports massage is carried out before the race or workout, 10-20 minutes before workouts. The main purpose of massage - warming up muscles. Preliminary sports massage lasts 5-20 minutes.

During the massage techniques used are "squeezing", "shaking", "grinding" and "kneading". The "shaking" do after each reception, so more to relax the muscles and help blood flow better distributed throughout the body.

To increase the effectiveness of massage to physical exercise is necessary to start within 3-5 minutes after the procedure.  Sports massage - a special technique to eliminate the effects of injury

Training massage is designed to maintain muscle tone, impact on those muscle groups, which bear the main burden to increase endurance and performance athlete, reducing the time to acquire the necessary fitness. Training lasts for sports massage, on average one hour.

Particular attention should be paid to the time of the massage training - it can be done no earlier than 1-1, 5:00 after a heavy load. For one or two days before the competition held last massage.

Good effect holding weekly training in sports massage bath - noted that under the influence of steam improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, skin becomes more supple, which at times increases the effectiveness of massage.

Technique training massage adjusted individually, but more than half of the time is devoted to kneading. This type of sports massage is the most effective among the rest.

Sports restorative massage is performed after exercise or during the recovery period after injuries: fractures, strains, sprains, bruises, injuries of muscles, tendons, etc.

Through restorative massage athlete can effortlessly proceed to the next stage of training or return to normal operation after a long break.

Duration restorative massage therapist sets itself depending on the intensity of training, the emotional state of a person's individual physiological characteristics. The average session lasts 8-12 minutes. Spend a sports massage recovery only after 10-20 minutes after exercise - pulse and breathing athlete should bounce back.

If the task is to help the athlete recover from his injuries, massage can be carried out using anti-inflammatory, analgesic topical preparations.