Sclerotherapy - this is one of the methods of struggle with varicose veins and vascular "asterisks".  Procedure vein sclerotherapy

The essence lies in sclerotherapy of veins that in diseased vein injection administered via sclerosing solution (sclerosant) that causes sticking and spadenie vein wall. As a result, after sclerotherapy circulation in this area of ​​the venous network is broken, and blood moves through collateral veins that run deeper and duplicate sclerotic vessel.

Over time, Vienna completely disappears, turning into a connective cord. In the opinion of sclerotherapy gives pronounced cosmetic and therapeutic effect.

Preparing for sclerotherapy of veins

As is known, varicose veins - a constant source of threat of blood clots in the circulatory network. A blood clot can block the narrow lumen of the vessel and disrupt blood flow to vital organs. For varicose veins predispose structural features of connective tissue in the body, since it is the weakness of the connective tissue of the venous wall is a predisposing factor to the "loss" of the veins.

Sclerotherapy usually spends phlebologist doctor who specializes in diseases of the veins. He is important to the implementation of procedures to know what medications the patient is taking. This applies particularly to hormonal drugs, antiplatelet agents, and other drugs that affect blood clotting. Some of them have to be canceled for 1 - 2 days, or to reduce the dosage. Otherwise, do not avoid bruising and bleeding.

2 days before the procedure should also exclude alcohol and tobacco. Experts do not recommend to do hair removal vein sclerotherapy. In sclerotherapy, a procedure should be coming from a purely washed their feet in a spacious and comfortable clothes.

Procedure Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is carried out without anesthesia, and is already immediately after the patient can go home.

For sclerosing of the veins used very thin injection needles or mikrokaterety by which the procedure is virtually painless. Medication-sclerosant also possess analgesic effect, they are safe for use, only occasionally sclerosants introduction into the vein is accompanied by a sense of light burning.

Sometimes for compression sclerotherapy treatment solution is administered in the form of foam - it has a large area of ​​contact with the vein wall, and thus more effective.

During the compression sclerotherapy the patient lies on his back with raised upside down.

Right after sclerotherapy doctor massages the skin over the affected vein for better contact with the wall of the drug, and then to his feet wear special compression stockings and stockings for day wear. After the procedure should resemble sclerosis for 10 - 20 minutes to the medical solution is better dispersed on the vein. Doctors also recommend a daily walking at least 1 hour, but a sitting or standing position for a long time to accept undesirable.  Before and after sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy Review corrects cosmetic defect varicose long time, often for life. Even if we achieve the full sclerosis fails, manifestations of the disease are greatly reduced. Sometimes it takes several sessions of sclerotherapy.

Side effects of sclerotherapy veins

Sometimes after sclerotherapy is itching at the injection site, it usually resolves on its own. The skin along the sclerotic veins become black, light brown stripes on the legs sometimes persist up to a year.

If during the treatment to wear shoes with high heels or narrow strip, the ankle may experience swelling of tissues. Failure to comply with the requirements of the attending physician and removing compression underwear ahead of time can begin thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the vein wall).

Compression Sclerotherapy does not prevent the appearance of new varicose veins.