Technology Laser scar removal
 Scar - a household name scar which, in turn, represents the formation of dense connective tissue. Tripe occurs during regeneration after injury or inflammation of internal or external bodies. But when we talk about the scars, we mean, as a rule, large, visible to the naked eye, compromising the integrity of the skin, which are obvious cosmetic defect. Not surprisingly, the majority of people (mainly women) tend to get rid of them. Today for this purpose there as special preparations, and cosmetic treatments. Next, we consider how the scars are removed and that it is used .

What is a scar (scar)

The body consists of scar collagen and the structure is significantly different from the tissue which it replaces. The scar does not have the same features, it is more sensitive to UV light, it can not be sweat glands or hair follicles. After wound healing in normal scarring may occur normotroficheskie scar - he is level with the skin is elastic, pale or flesh colored, does not violate the sensitivity of the skin, in short, it is virtually invisible. By all accounts, this type of scar removal is almost not needed.

When the healing process is disrupted, can form atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid scars. And in this case it is possible that you will need removal of scars. Atrophic scar is located below the skin structure it is more thin and flabby, its color is lighter than that of healthy tissue. A typical example - stretch marks and scars of acne.

Hypertrophic scars are formed with an excess of connective tissue and the skin surface are given. They are far less elastic than healthy dermis, and darker (their color varies from pink to purple), may itch or cause discomfort when touched, but are usually painless. Over time, the scar of this type can almost completely regress. A typical example - the scar from surgery, injury, burns, severe inflammation. Scar removal in this case usually is successful.

Keloids purple-bluish color with a shiny and bumpy surface - one of the unpleasant complications of the wound healing process. The scars of this type strongly protrude above the level of the skin, often causing itchy, sore, or that cause discomfort. Scar tissue grows uncontrollably even after healing, and continues to grow for many years. According to reviews, this type of scar removal can not completely exclude relapses . Keloid scar is formed from minor injuries such as ear piercing, tattooing, banal scratches, but can be several times the size of the wound itself.

Surgical removal of the scars

Serious skin lesions as a result of injuries, wounds, burns, complicated by inflammatory processes lead to the formation of large scars. Sometimes the only way to remove scars, in the opinion of experts, in this case, is plastic surgery or, more simply, excision. It should be remembered that any surgery leaves scars, in this case, they will be less noticeable than the original. Surgical removal of the scar tissue reduces the width and depth of the rumen, to remove foreign particles   or move the scarring process in a hidden area.

At the time of surgery, the surgeon excised the body scar cauterize vessels, mobilizes and stitch the wound edge. It turns out Z-shaped seam.

In fact removal methods scars quite a lot, for example, the following:

  • Plastic scar intradermal cosmetic overlay weld;
  • Tummy to change the contour of the scar;
  • Plastic skin grafting;
  • Plastic with expander to remove the vast deep scars.

In the treatment of hypertrophic scars character is always a positive outlook, seems more difficult removal of keloid scars, since 50-80% of the time they recur.

After the plastic on the weld area for a day compressive bandage is applied, for some time the patient is advised to avoid direct sunlight and tissue tension.

Gentle way scar removal

If the scar is not so vast and deep, it can be applied and less invasive than resection, for example, laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion.

Scar laser - one of the most common procedures performed in cosmetology offices . It is layered grinding body scar laser apparatus. Within a few days after laser scar removal can be swelling and pain in the scar, at this moment it is important to prevent inflammation. For this purpose, they can be assigned antimicrobials and means for improving local circulation. At the site of the operation a thin crust, 7-8 days after the operation, it usually comes down naturally.

Scar laser is most effective when normotroficheskie scars. Slightly more difficult to treat hypertrophic scars, they require several sessions. According to reviews, the removal of keloid scars such as laser correction method is considered inappropriate And if the doctor yet agreed, combined with drug therapy.

Scar Laser - relatively expensive but safe procedure, which only affects the top layers of skin. After the session is to abandon any cosmetic procedures, including the solarium and sunbathing. If the scar is in the open, it is treated with sunscreen.

 Cream for removal of scars - efficacy and reviews
 Microdermabrasion - this scar removal by mechanical alignment of the relief of the skin. The procedure can take place using a sandblaster, ultrasound or a combination of the jet of water and gas. Its feature - is metered and targeted smoothing areas of scar tissue that are most in need. Comments about removing scars indicate that such manipulation is far preferable cosmetic peeling . But depending on the size of the scar and the type of procedure may take 10 to 30 sessions.

Drug scar removal

Yet many patients facials carry discomfort, while it would be desirable simply applied to any skin ointment and forget about the rumen. And the funds are available. If the scar is rather large and fresh, then it will help to eliminate a special cream to remove scars. Currently, the domestic pharmaceutical market are dozens of suitable drugs, but their use is to consult a dermatologist. usually, cream scar removal requires a systematic application in 3-4 months . These drugs can be used to treat stretch marks, acne scars, and even scars. The sooner the patient starts treatment, the better the result will be in effect for scar removal cream.