Restylane - a drug of natural origin, used to eliminate the nasolabial folds and wrinkles, as well as for the correction of facial contours and shape of the lips. Restylane produced as a clear sterile solution of hyaluronic acid.  Restylane - preparation for correction of lip shape

The operating principle of Restylane

Hyaluronic acid - substance of animal origin not containing protein contaminants. This material is a part of the lymph, blood, skin and bone of the human body. Over time, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the organism decreases. As part of this acid product Restylane filler plays the role of a temporary action.

Acid molecules easily bind moisture. Thanks to hyaluronic acid skin gets the necessary water, its tissue become elastic. However, over time the amount of acid in the human body is reduced and the water in the cells of the skin becomes less. Reduced skin turgor gives rise to folds and wrinkles.

Replenish moisture helps the introduction of Restylane into the skin cells. The preparation is used for getting rid of folds and wrinkles on the face, as well as from various skin defects. Restylane injections entered in the facial muscles, intradermally or subcutaneously provide wrinkles. Preparation fills voids and hollows and retain water in the skin tissues. Under its influence the skin tissue becomes more extensive and flexible. After the introduction of Restylane gel mass by water increases in volume. The skin over the injection area is smoothed, leveled, wrinkles disappear or are greatly reduced. Additionally, the drug Restylane stimulates metabolic processes in all layers of the skin.

Time Spent Restylane in tissues of the skin depends on many factors, ranging from eight months to a year, after which the drug is completely degraded to carbon dioxide and water. Restylane not prevent the movement of oxygen, hormones, sugars and trace elements.

Adjusting the volume, size and shape of the lips Restylane

This drug is often used to correct the volume, size and shape of the lips. It can help you to eliminate the disproportion between the upper and lower lip, age changes the tone of the lips. After introduction Restylane lips increase in size and become more prominent. With contouring lips Restylane can lift the corners and make more visible dimple on his upper lip.

Indications Restylane

 Before and after injections of Restylane
 In a review of Restylane it says that the drug is used in photo-aging, sun elastosis of the neck, face, hands, décolletage, as well as dry, dehydrated or oily skin. Restylane is also used for the rehabilitation of damaged skin as a result of taking drugs, smoking, toxic environmental exposures. This drug is also used to improve the results of injection of botulinum toxin, as well as to enhance the effect of resorbable implants.

Number of Restylane injections is not limited. If you wish, you can enter an additional amount of the drug in the mouth or wrinkles, without waiting for the complete dissolution of a previous injection of Restylane. The quantity of the drug can also be reduced by using a special enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Contraindications to the use of Restylane

It is not recommended to use the drug in the clotting of the blood in the common diseases in the acute stage, the tendency to form keloids. It should not also be used in infectious or inflammatory process in the areas of prospective injections, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The use of this tool is contraindicated while taking anticoagulants.

Side effects of the drug Restylane

Prior to injection, the drug is administered topically antiseptic to minimize the pain of the needle. Restylane Injections usually last from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

In many reviews of Restylane said that the injection site is sometimes swelling, a sense of tension area of ​​the skin, slight itching, redness or slight swelling.

However, most of all the side effects disappear within a week (on the lips) and within one or two days (on the face).

To the treated surface of the skin during the first six hours after administration of the drug should not be touched. It is not recommended to expose the treated area and the strong cooling of the skin or intense heat.