Reflexology - a complex of therapeutic and diagnostic methods of influence on the active points of the body surface. Active points of the body surface are called acupuncture points. The main acupuncture points on the human body more than 800. The physical effects of acupuncture methods are as cauterization, using special needles, low-voltage electric current, laser, leeches, sagebrush cigarette, stones, seeds, metal plates or balls. Very often, reflexology is used as an additional method to drug therapy.  Auriculotherapy - one of the varieties of acupuncture

History of acupuncture

The birthplace of this treatment is considered to be China. The first technique of acupressure (Zheng-Ju) has been described in the fifth century BC. In European countries, this trend began to be used only in the seventeenth century BC.

In 1913, American scientist William Fitzgerald was established basis of modern reflexology. Scientists have found that to improve the work of the various organs, relieve pain and inflammation can be achieved by applying pressure to certain areas of the body. He outlined the scheme of the relationship of different areas of the body, highlighting the ten main lines passing through the human body.

Methods reflexology

Various methods of reflexotherapy can slow or speed up the movement of energy in the energy channels associated with the affected organ. When you select a particular method take into account the impact of the condition of the affected organ.

The method of acupuncture consists of introducing through the skin into the active points of the body of steel, silver or gold needles. Acupuncture - the most effective method of reflexology. The therapeutic effect of acupuncture depends on the mode of insertion of the needle. Acupuncture can have a stimulating (tonic) or a sedative (calming) effect on organ systems. When using needle mikroigloterapii Small left in active points for several days.

Auriculotherapy - the impact of acupressure or microneedles on the active points of the ear. On the ears are more than 200 active points. Normally point painless, but when the disease in the acute form by pressing on them the patient feels pain. In the case of chronic illness on their location appears rough, peeling, pallor.

Acupressure - mechanical action on the active points with your fingers or a special tool (without damaging the integrity of the skin). This method allows you to selectively dispensed and regulate various body organs and systems, as well as have an impact on recovery and metabolic functions in the tissues.

Thermopuncture (warming up, burning) - impact on the active points of heat. Usually carried out using a heating sagebrush cigars.

Electro microcurrent or reflexology - treatment of electrical micropulses. The method of micro reflexology is used to relieve pain or as an independent method of influence on active points. Microcurrent reflexology is used in treatment of children with cerebral palsy.

The method of vacuum reflexology (Jar therapy) - a local skin irritation in the area of ​​thin air reflex zones.

Magnitopunktura - impact on the active points of a variable or constant magnetic field. It is believed that the south pole of the magnet relieves pain, and the north pole activates blood circulation and makes the body work harder.

Laser reflexology - the impact of the laser pulse irradiation. This method is effective for chronic and acute inflammatory, traumatic, degenerative diseases.

Centimeter reflexology method used in spastic conditions, pain radicular syndrome. It has a desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Ultrasound method of reflexology is based on cells and tissues micromassage, restructuring and change of tissue microstructures microcirculation.  Thermopuncture - method of reflexology

Facial reflexology - the impact on the biologically active points of the face. Action facial reflexology is to normalize the tone of facial muscles and improving microcirculation in its soft tissues. Facial reflexology is especially effective when the facial nerve nephropathy.

Apirefleksoterapiya - impact on acupuncture points bee stings.

Indications for reflexology

In many reviews of reflexology it is said that this method of treatment is used in diseases of the nervous system and sensory organs - neuritis, neuralgia, radiculitis, neurosis, neurasthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, enuresis. Reflexology techniques have been successfully used in diseases of the cardiovascular system, eye diseases, ear diseases, lung diseases, and skin. Some medical review of reflexology is said that this method of treatment is used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine system diseases, gynecological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as pain syndromes of different origin and localization.

Contraindications to reflexology

Contraindications to the use of methods of acupuncture are malignant and benign tumors, acute infectious diseases, severe asthenia and general exhaustion, fevers, infancy, pregnancy, alcohol intoxication, acute mental excitement, tuberculosis in an active form.

Acupuncture is not recommended on the day of admission procedures, MRI, X-ray, ultraviolet radiation, ultrasound.