The principle of operation of radio-wave method of removing moles
 Almost every human body there are moles in different sizes, colors and shapes. Generally, they do not cause any inconvenience and have no impact on health. Sometimes these tumors interfere with their owners in aesthetic terms, because it also happens that a birthmark spoils the appearance of man.

Doctors reckon moles classified as benign tumors, but get rid of them is not advised if they are harmless and do not affect the appearance too. Otherwise, when the tumor grows in size, color changes, causes pain, or simply prevents a person feel comfortable, it makes sense to get rid of him. Radiowave mole removal is today considered the most effective and safe method of removing such tumors .

Radio wave removal of moles, especially

The essence of the method of removing moles radio wave consists of exposing the tumor to a high frequency radio waves. At the same time, such a procedure does not adversely impact on the human body. Furthermore, it is important to note the major advantages of the method:

  • The duration of no more than 20 minutes (the time depends on the nature of tumors);
  • Painless;
  • The lack of bleeding during surgery;
  • Exclusion of damage to healthy tissue;
  • Sterilization of tissue during the procedure;
  • The absence of scars after the removal of tumors;
  • No side effects, such as swelling, redness and inflammation with few exceptions;
  • The possibility of the procedure anywhere on the body;
  • Possibility of radiowave removing moles on an outpatient basis ;
  • Easy post-operative care and rehabilitation period is short;
  • Ability histological analysis (tissue during the procedure are not destroyed).

It should be noted as specific cases when radiowave mole removal is the only way to fix it. This applies mostly to situations where the tumor originated on the problem areas of the body or face. For example, to get rid of moles on the eyelid can not be used other known methods. Surgical method is impossible because of the proximity area to the eyeball, and laser or cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen removal) are excluded because of the impact on the eyeball is too high or low temperature.

Radiowave mole removal process

As already mentioned, the effectiveness of radiofrequency technique remove moles is the impact of radio waves directly at the tumor That eliminates damage to adjacent healthy tissue. This is due to vapor bubbles that high frequency radio waves pushing the fabric. Thus, only those cells are destroyed, which is directed wave, while others remain intact.

This explains the absence of scars after such a procedure and its painless. In addition to the radio wave removal of moles conduct local anesthesia.

It is worth knowing that radionozh with which the operation is conducted, simultaneously performs three important functions:

  • Cuts tissue;
  • Stops bleeding;
  • Disinfects the area in which the operation was performed, eliminating the possibility of being hit by the infection.

Radio wave surgery to remove moles is one of the most effective methods for removing such tumors Since after the procedure in their place is only a slight indentation. After surgery, the wound was treated with antiseptic and aligned recess in two weeks.

Usually a place where there was a mole, after the procedure dry crust is formed. It can not remove or tear yourself, as it threatens to scar formation. She will disappear in a few days. In addition, it is not recommended to wet the affected area with water for several days after surgery, as well as applied to this section any money without a prescription.

Reviews of radio wave removal of moles

Radio wave surgery to remove moles on today is a great success among patients who have decided to get rid of unwanted growths on the face or body. Therefore reviews about radio wave removal of moles mostly positive .

Many people who have this procedure helped eliminate hindering mole, mark it painless and quick. Besides the rehabilitation period is relatively easy and does not require special care area on which the operation was conducted.

At the same time, there are negative reviews about radio wave removal of moles. Some people are of the opinion that the large amounts of tumors, this method is not effective. There is also a proposition that during radiowave procedures have the risk of burning in the thermal area adjacent to the mole skin, which may lead to scarring or blisters.

In addition, you need to know about radio wave contraindications to remove moles. It:

  • infectious diseases;
  • Acute inflammation;
  • Malignancy;
  • diabetes;
  •  Radiowave mole removal - reviews the procedure and consequences
  • Epilepsy;
  • Chronic skin diseases and viral infection of the dermis.

You also can not resort to the method of removing moles, radio wave during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation.

In conclusion, should be added key recommendations that must be followed when removing moles radiowave :

  • During the first three days to treat the skin with an antiseptic;
  • Within a few weeks to avoid ultraviolet radiation;
  • For the first time not to visit a solarium, steam room or sauna;
  • If you have poor wound healing and monitoring of side effects immediately consult your doctor.