Navel piercing - one of the most popular piercing among women
 The last few decades, body painting is developing rapidly, and piercing - one of the hottest trends in decorating the face and body.

The word "piercing" is derived from the English word «pierce» - drill, puncture. Actually, under the piercing is meant piercing with a needle of certain areas of the body and threading into these holes jewelry. Art is a very long time. In ancient times, the piercing was more common among a strong half of mankind and signaled belonging to a particular rank or tribe, and also served to demonstrate the power and courage. Currently piercing performs exceptionally aesthetic role and is used for decoration.

Types of piercings

Species piercing there is great variety. The most common places to pierce ears are the eyebrows, navel, tongue, nipples, nostrils, genitals, lips.

Pierced ears - a classic piercing that heals about two weeks. In recent years become increasingly popular piercing ear cartilage. Heal them longer than lobes, about 3 to 6 months. In a separate kind of extreme piercing can distinguish breaching tunnels earlobes.

Navel piercing made mostly by women. Navel piercing heals approximately 3-4 months, during which the navel should be handled carefully as possible. In addition, while the navel is healed, you can not deal with those kinds of sports that affect the abdominal muscles.

Piercing the nose or eyebrows occurs more frequently. Piercing nose is not particularly popular, as often prevents its owner. A puncture eyebrows - pretty painful procedure. Heal punctures are about 1-1, 5 months.

Piercing the lips and tongue piercings heal in an average of 1, 5-2 months. However, it should be said that a pierced tongue or lips gives its owner a lot of unpleasant moments and inconveniences, especially in the healing process. Piercing the lips in the first two weeks after the puncture may cause problems with the diction. A tongue piercing generally prevents its owner normally eat and socialize.

Intimate piercing is done to aggravate the sexual feelings. Women tend to make a puncture the clitoris or folds over him. It heals a puncture about 1, 5 months. Male intimate piercing is much more diverse female. A man can pierce the foreskin, the glans penis, testicles, bridle.

Nipple piercing is also done to enhance sexual sensations. In addition, after a puncture the nipple becomes larger and the problem disappears "hollowness" if it existed. Nipple piercing heals approximately 3-5 months. However, if you plan to motherhood, nipple piercing is not recommended as it can affect lactation.

How is the procedure of piercing?

Piercing procedure is quite simple and consists in making holes in a certain area of ​​the body, after which it is passed decoration. Decorating can be made of ivory, wood, plastic, metal, etc. It is even possible to pass a conventional filament or a small rod, which will be attached precious stones: amber, diamonds, pearls, and others.

Modern body piercing industry has in its arsenal a lot of jewelry in silver, gold, platinum and surgical steel. The forms can be varied: bars, clips, rings, chains, threads, etc.  Tongue piercing and ear

How to care for piercings?

No matter what kind of piercing you choose, the first two weeks after the puncture is recommended to avoid swimming pool, sauna and swimming in natural bodies of water, especially in the sea, because salt water prevents the healing process.

The puncture site should be taken very carefully as neglect can lead to abscesses, the emergence of local infections and even blood poisoning. For wiping puncture should only use tools that recommend a specialist. Prior to the complete healing of the wound is not recommended to remove the decoration, since the puncture can get infected.

After piercing the navel or nipple at night should wear clean cotton jersey or T-shirt. When intimate piercings are not recommended sex until they are healed puncture.

When piercing the lips or tongue piercing is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke until they are healed puncture. And after every meal should rinse your mouth with a disinfectant solution.

When piercing the nose should be especially attentive to their own health, so as not to catch a cold. Runny nose can significantly complicate the healing process.

Possible complications

When complications should immediately consult a dermatologist. As with any surgery, piercing damage could be significant, if we use the services of a layman. Especially high risk of damage to the facial nerve. A non-compliance with sanitation might puncture infection viral hepatitis, and even HIV. Therefore, special care must be taken to the selection of an experienced specialist. All the tools and ornaments for piercing should be professional and in accordance with European guests.

Contraindications to piercing

By piercing a number of contraindications. For example, it is impossible to do it with an exacerbation of a chronic disease (ulcer, gastritis, otitis, colitis, pancreatitis, rheumatism, sinusitis etc.) In the presence of systemic (lupus), and skin diseases (psoriasis).

Piercing may cause harm in doing a puncture at an elevated body temperature. It is not recommended to do punctures in poor blood clotting, diabetes, hepatitis C and B, as these diseases disrupt the epithelialization and formation of a channel in the puncture site.

It should also indicate the presence of a specialist of allergic reactions to drugs lidocaine and metals group, if any.

Women could be harmed by the piercing, if you do it during menstruation or during pregnancy. It is not recommended to do punctures in mental disorders and epilepsy, as there is a likelihood of a seizure.