Permanent makeup eyebrows

Permanent makeup eyebrows - correction technique that gives a second chance to those who did not believe his eyebrows perfect.

Under  The procedure of permanent makeup eyebrows
 permanent makeup tattoo meant that different from drawing eyebrow pencil or shadow durability and natural result.

Technique Permanent Makeup Eyebrow

The most common technique of permanent makeup:

  • Heavy Feather - used when a woman has her eyebrows are very light and sparse. And it helps in the case in eyebrow hairs do not grow at all;
  • Feather, creates the effect of 3D - master the method used in those cases where it is necessary to "revive" tarnished his eyebrows;
  • Simulation natural hairs - this technique as feathering helps in cases where eyebrows do not grow or grow part and is used for masking scars and other skin blemishes in the eyebrow zone;
  • Create pearlescent highlights under the eyebrows - decorative effect, reinforcing expressive look.

All these techniques permanent makeup eyebrow masters can be used alone or, if required, be mixed. Very often, modeling natural hairs combined with shading, or with the creation of the effect of volume.

On average, the procedure of permanent makeup lasts two and a half hours.

Before performing permanent makeup eyebrow master advises a woman, sketches, or use, if possible, her drawing. At the preliminary consultation also matched the color of paint for the eyebrows, the optimal technique.

Once the tattoo is finished, the master talks about how to take care of eyebrows the first time after the application of permanent make-up and appoints the correction of eyebrows.

How to care for the eyebrows after tattoo

Because tattooing involves some traumatic skin care it is necessary to provide appropriate.

So far brow will not heal, they are recommended to regularly handle Bepantenom to prevent dryness. Also, the first time you should wipe the brow 3-4 times daily with chlorhexidine, an antiseptic - to prevent infection in the healing skin.

Judging by the reviews of the permanent make-up eyebrows, sometimes there is swelling after the procedure. To remove it, you can, if you use dry ice or cold - it is applied every two hours for 2 minutes.

It should be ready for the fact that his eyebrows immediately after application of permanent makeup is bright. But after a first come crust color will appear muted, as eyebrows are closed with another layer of crust.

When the eyebrows completely healed, and it usually takes place within a month, the color will be the way it was conceived to master.

While skin  The result is permanent makeup eyebrows
 eyebrow will heal undesirable actively engage in sports, go to the sauna - excessive sweating may slow the healing process.

In addition, it is important at this time not to be long in the sun, to postpone the solarium, to avoid dirt and dust on the skin of the eyebrows. Cosmetic creams and cosmetics are also better not to put on his eyebrows until they heal.

Correction of permanent makeup eyebrows

Correction made only a month after the application of the tattoo, but no later than three months after the procedure.

Correction permanent makeup eyebrow is of two kinds of pigment and update complete replacement.

After a month doing upgrade pigment and next time we come back to this question only a year and a half.

Complete replacement of the pigment is required only in the case if he was made an unsuccessful permanent makeup eyebrow.

For correction of permanent make-up eyebrows using three techniques:

  • additional introduction of paint under the skin;
  • applying another tattoo over the old shade;
  • complete removal of pigment laser.

Only skilled craftsmen can be performed permanent makeup eyebrows - reviews clients salons that are now openly published on the Internet, can help with the choice. Trust only experienced craftsmen as ugly and correct the wrong done tattoo eyebrows long and expensive.