Permanent eye makeup

Permanent eye makeup - it is an opportunity to change their image and to save time on everyday makeup.

Running  The procedure of permanent eye makeup
   permanent makeup tattooing using age, which is applied using three techniques:

  • Mezhresnichny permanent eye makeup.
  • "Arrow".
  • Permanent make-up eyes with shading.

Mezhresnichny permanent eye makeup - is the introduction of coloring pigment evenly along the lower or upper eyelid, filling the space between the painted eyelashes. This technique makes it visually lashes thicker and blacker.

Reviews of permanent make-up eyes say that the eyes appear larger after such a procedure, the view becomes more expressive. Applying makeup on the eyelids and eyelashes are still required, but a woman without make-up does not seem tired and "gray".

Running mezhresnichny makeup is usually black or dark brown.

Technique "Arrow" - decorative direction, it relieves women from the daily application of the arrows on the upper and lower eyelids pencil or eyeliner. Such permanent eye makeup helps on holiday when there is no ability or desire to use daily mascara and other cosmetics - eye due arrows look like painted. Especially this effect is enhanced if the nature of the eyelashes of a woman black and thick.

Master optional client can make arrows any width and length, of any color, such as blue or green.

Permanent make-up eyes with shading - a technique by which simulates the application of the shadows forever.

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Tattooing is known, involves injecting ink into the skin. When eye makeup paint is introduced into the eyelid skin special needles to a depth exceeds 1 mm.

Since tattoo eye - a painful procedure before its implementation on the eyelids cause a gel or cream with analgesic properties. Enter the anesthetic under the skin before the age of tattooing eye is not recommended.

Before applying permanent eye makeup master consulted in the course of which is determined by machinery tattoo, selected drawing arrows. On the client wishes, we have already mentioned, but the real master, if he sees that figure proposed by a woman hurt her image offers a more successful version.

How to care for centuries after tattoo

On the first day after the procedure, permanent eye makeup forever washed with chilled water or green tea, ostuzhennym to room temperature.

To prevent swelling in the eyelids is recommended to apply ice or a cold dry - 15 minutes about 4 times a day for two days after applying the tattoo.

Till  The result is a permanent eye makeup
 eyelids completely healed, two or three times a day with a cotton swab to gently apply these drug Bepanten.

For centuries will appear brown, remove them yourself you can not, they have to go yourself, as the healing of the skin.

As the reviews of permanent make-up eyes, eyelids heal within a week.

Prior to the complete healing of the skin on the eyelids is important not to use the solarium, sauna, swimming pool, not to sunbathe in the sun, do not use cosmetics for the eyes.

Before going out for ever, until you heal, you need to lubricate sunscreen.

Contraindications to permanent eye makeup

You can not make permanent eye makeup for those who have problems with blood clotting, found HIV infection, insulin-dependent diabetes, inflammation of the skin cancer.

Pregnant and lactating women do permanent make-up is not recommended, but it is solved individually in each case. By the same relative contraindications include any chronic diseases during menstruation.