Pedicure - is a set of procedures for the care of the nails and the skin of feet. Pedicure includes:  Pedicure - comprehensive care for nails and skin feet

  • Removing cuticle;
  • The treatment and prevention of ingrown nails;
  • Shaping nails;
  • Nail varnish;
  • Removal of corns;
  • Exfoliate the upper layers of hard skin;
  • Foot massage;
  • Nourishing, softening and moisturizing mask for the skin of the feet.

Pedicure not only gives the legs a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. If you combine it with procedures such as paraffin, clay treatment, refleksomassazh, it is possible to achieve a clear therapeutic effect, improving mood and well being. In the opinion of pedicure is always nice if the update it at least 2 - 3 times a month.

Pedicure at beauty salon

In the context of a beauty salon often experts suggest conducting hardware pedicure. Another of his name - medical pedicure. It is both a wellness and hygienic procedure for skin of feet and fingers, toenails.

The technique eliminates the medical pedicure foot skin contact with water, therefore reduces the risk of infection by the fungus feet to zero. Applied to the skin medical disinfectant, and then a special softening agent that acts only on the dead horny layer of the epithelium. Because of this there is a removal layer of dead tissue without affecting the living cells of the epidermis. Apparatus pedicure is carried out using different individual grinding nozzles, excluding the possibility of cuts and wounds. Cosmetics used in hardware Medical pedicure includes antifungal agents, thus achieving an additional therapeutic effect.

This pedicure is recommended for patients with diabetes and arthritis of the joints of feet. In parallel, massage the fingers, feet and ankles, which reduces the feeling of heaviness in the legs and puffiness.

This pedicure Review helps prevent ingrown nails. It can help you get rid of cracked heels, calluses and corns, including in remote places.

Another type of pedicure in the salon - a spa pedicure. It includes a number of treatments for skin of feet and nails:

  • Humidification;
  • Cleansing;
  • Softening;
  • Massage, including aromatic oils;
  • Masks and scrubs;
  • Gentle exfoliation.

This pedicure takes a lot of time, but this is offset by more prolonged effect and a lot of pleasant sensations of the procedures.

Pedicure at home

Many people prefer to do a pedicure at home. The reasons for this may be many - lack of time or resources, remoteness and other interior. To make a quality pedicure at home, you need to follow a certain sequence and rules of procedures.

You must first prepare the skin of the feet for a pedicure. To do this in a bowl with hot water poured grated soap or add shower gel, liquid soap. It helps to soften the skin of the feet added in small quantities soda, ammonia, or sea salt.

You can also add to the water virgin olive oil, lemon juice, pine needles or infusion of herbs. It is important for the skin and nails well to steam, so periodically (at least cooling) should pour in hot water basin.

On average, you may need about 30 minutes for high-quality decoupling, this time varies on the severity of hyperkeratosis feet. To determine that the skin is ready for further manipulation for the pedicure can be skin color - it becomes soft pink and soft to the touch. Steamed nails easier to give the desired shape.

Further, experts recommend rubbing heel fine pumice or special peeling for the feet. This will help get rid of the keratinized layers of the epidermis. Peeling for a pedicure at home can be a semolina with olive oil, coffee grounds or sea salt. After such grinding should be rinsed with water stops, and 20 minutes later proceed directly to a pedicure.

To nail free "breathe", a spatula push the cuticle at their base. Cuticle - a cushion of young and thin skin, which can sometimes be up to the middle of the nail, and it spoils the appearance. If immediately after the bath to steam gently push her, then later it will grow more slowly. Cut the cuticle around the nail at home is quite dangerous - it could lead to inflammation around the nail.  Nail feet - Pedicure

Then a pair of scissors cut nails, giving them the desired shape. An important rule pedicure - toenails should be cut only in a straight line. This will prevent ingrown nail edge to the skin around it and get rid of many unpleasant sensations.

Corners clipped nails trimmed sawing. Nails must reach the edge of your finger to protect it from contact with the shoes, so do not cut them very short.

The final step is to apply the pedicure nail polish. To do this carefully and not to stain the skin around your fingers stuck between the two pieces of foam or special pads for the fingers. Review pedicure keeps much longer, if varnish is applied in three layers. The sequence of application is as follows: first, the healing foundation, then decorative colored varnish, and already on top of it a fixer.

Properly done pedicure - not just decoration feet, but also the basis for their health and well-being.