Ozone persons

Ozone face - cosmetic procedure aimed at restoring, improving and skin cleansing.

At  Ozone face with injections
 persons conducting ozone therapy focuses on improving oxygenation, microcirculation, and energy cells and adequate trophic skin protection.

Ozone is a unique agent of restoring and preserving the natural beauty and health of skin.

Aging at the level induced by inhibition of epidermal proliferative cell division, depletion of the epidermis, increased keratin layer, reduction of elasticity and increase of permanent deformation of the epidermis and the formation of deep wrinkles.

Ozone therapy face

Facial skin can look young only in case of proper trophism and division of epidermis cells. The natural mechanism of cell trophism is carried out by means of tissue fluid, lymph and blood plasma. Their functional efficiency and quality of epidermis trophism are considerably reduced under the influence of negative environmental factors, so that aging occurs at the level of the dermis, caused by changes in the structure of collagen and elastin fibers.

The consequence of aging and adverse environmental factors is energy deficient cells that leads to exhaustion and fragmentation of elastin fibers, inhibition of cell regeneration of the epidermis, and the result of these processes is wrinkles.

However, aging can be stopped, and its structure can be recovered by neutralizing the above processes, thereby eliminating the causes, not the consequences. That is what is the aim of the person of ozone therapy.

For the treatment of problem skin and wrinkles it is recommended to use the following methods of ozone therapy face:

  • Subcutaneous injection of ozone and the use of ozonated olive oil to massage the face;
  • Intravenous infusions of ozone and ozone rectal insufflation.

Procedure subcutaneous ozone activates the metabolism of energy-rich compounds in cells, and normalizes the activity of transporting, permeability, formability, toughness and electrical properties of the membranes. At the same time, the procedure increases the intensity of energy processes. On the one hand due to the increased use of oxygen by cells due to activation of aerobic glycolysis, the Krebs cycle and the B-oxidation of fatty acids. On the other hand due to optimization of blood oxygen functions (in the presence of ozone the erythrocytes are able to transmit 10 times more oxygen). Also the procedure helps to activate antioxidant defense system and neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals.

Another method is the introduction of ozone intravenous drip. This procedure is aimed at cleansing the body, elimination of toxins, including toxins caused by stressful situations, complex treatment of skin aging and global bowels lavage. Before and after ozone therapy facial recommended rectal ozone, thus creating favorable conditions for the regeneration of a healthy intestinal flora and beneficial effects on the entire body.

To correct  When ozone therapy facial subcutaneous injections are made in the field of localization wrinkles
 existing signs of skin aging after 35 years brings a great benefit for guests ozone facial subcutaneous injection at the site of wrinkles and other places with the manifestations of skin aging (chin, cheeks and neck). Before and after ozone therapy facial injectable recommended manual facial massage to evenly distribute ozone-oxygen gas mixture and a better preparation of the skin.

The positive effect is observed after 3-4 procedures: increased skin turgor, smooth fine wrinkles, decreases pasty face and improves skin color. In the opinion of ozone therapy for the face reduces dry skin, and chin lifting effect is observed.

Also, ozone is used as the face of local injection of ozone in the area of ​​inflammation. In some cases, it is recommended to perform essential sanitation by electrocoagulation, opening and elimination of purulent content, and then apply the ozone therapy face. The depth and number of injections depends on the size of the inflammatory zone. Each point is introduced to 5 ml of an ozone-oxygen mixture. The average course of treatment consists of 5-6 procedures every 5 days. In the opinion of ozone therapy for the face in the form of injections in inflammatory zone leads to clinical improvement of the skin after the first procedure.

The use of ozone therapy face

Ozone facial stimulates the synthesis of proteins, including its own collagen and elastin production and increases the regenerative potential of proliferative skin layer. The procedure increases the volume of the tissue fluid in the deeper layers of the skin and restores the skin's natural ability to retain moisture, which leads to the rejuvenation of skin, smoothing wrinkles and disappearance.

The essential difference of ozone therapy from other facial cosmetic products and procedures is its dual action - both inside and outside the body, which manifests itself in the normalization of trophism, oxygenation, hydration, protection and restoration of the skin. The procedure helps to achieve deep cleaning and toning the skin for a long period of time.

Thus, ozone therapy is a revolutionary facial tool for skin rejuvenation, which improves its structure. Especially noticeable and fast results of ozone therapy the person observed in patients diagnosed with stress skin.

After the widespread introduction in the practice of cosmetology middle and deep chemical peels, laser and mechanical skin resurfacing and injection contour plastics, visitors to these procedures has repeatedly faced with their negative consequences - hypertrophic scars. Ozone gas injections around the scar and cause loss of skin sensitivity, narrow and soften scars and promote their further resorption. The result of such ozone therapy for the face of reviews is the disappearance of the surface of the scar tissue and restore elasticity.

Ozone therapy for the face of these reviews differs from the procedure was well tolerated by patients, ease of use, the almost complete absence of side effects, high efficiency and availability.

Contraindications to the ozone therapy face

Contraindications to face ozone therapy can be diseases such as epilepsy, hemorrhagic stroke, decreased blood coagulation, thrombocytopenia and arrhythmia.