Face myostimulation

Myostimulation face today - an effective and safe way to deal with age-related changes in appearance. This is also called physiotherapy electrical stimulation, neurostimulation Miolifting.  Myostimulation person - physical therapy treatment

The principle of operation myostimulation

First, using myostimulation conducted physical training of patients who are contraindicated natural exercise. Over time it became clear that this is one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate and lose weight. The essence miostimuljatsii faces is that the current pulses cause muscles to contract the groups for which directed impact. Contraction work trains the facial muscles, keeps them in good shape, able to pull up, and this effect is used in cosmetology for strengthening.

After skin electrodes to the nerve endings of the skin supplied electrical impulse that causes muscle contraction. Working muscles better supplied with blood, lymph flow is improved. At this accelerates metabolism and promotes burning of fat reserves in cells.

Apparatus for face myostimulation

Apparatus for carrying out the procedures referred to myostimulation miostimulyatory. Designed for a variety of features and intensity of exposure devices. It is desirable that in the set modes apparatus myostimulation person was neurostimulator, which allows you to remove the unpleasant and pain during the procedure.

Before setting the electrodes to the skin surface, they are lubricated contact gel or cream, which increases the electrical conductivity. Electrodes are applied to the surface of the person in a specific pattern.

For greater effect myostimulation face is carried out with the use of special cosmetics, collagen enriched with oxygen, vitamins, trace elements and biologically active substances. Mild effects of pulsed current allows useful substances to penetrate more deeply and fully into the tissues of the skin.

Myostimulation person brings a significant positive effect after the first procedure, but one session is usually not enough, and requires a course of procedures for the consolidation effect. Usually the course myostimulation person includes 10 sessions, held at intervals of one day. Do not take a break between sessions for more than 3 days, an interval is considered large, and this can adversely affect the final effect. To maintain muscle tone in the face of the person myostimulation reviews optimally re not going to do at least once a month.  Myostimulation face - one of the methods of rejuvenation

During the course Miolifting desirable to give up coffee, alcohol and smoking, limit the use of protein foods, but the amount of fluid intake should be increased to 2, 5 - 3 liters of mineral water at the expense of, or juice. Get enough sleep during the course of procedures myostimulation face of reviews helps to achieve better results.

Effects myostimulation persons

Myostimulation person on good reviews and corrects tightens oval face, helping to smooth wrinkles, removes bags, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Myostimulation person can get rid of such problems as double chin.

The muscles and tissues of the upper eyelid come in tone, which helps correct age ptosis (drooping century). The complexion by improving the metabolism becomes more fresh and smooth.

Contraindications myostimulation persons

This procedure can not be done in the case of pregnancy, cancer, diseases of the blood system, liver and kidney failure, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, acute phase in skin diseases, hypersensitivity to the pulse current and some other states. For a full list of contraindications should be consulted prior to Miolifting doctor-cosmetologist.