Herbal medicine - it's one of the areas of conventional medicine, which is based on the use for the treatment, prevention of various diseases of herbs, bee products, minerals.  Herbal medicine - herbal therapy

Herbal medicine for several hundred years, but earlier this science called herbal medicine and practiced his men, versed in the grass, knowing their impact on the human body.

Today, modern herbal medicine involves the involvement of experts with medical education, gain additional knowledge in the field of natural medicine, the use of herbs to treat, berries, leaves, trees, and other substances of natural origin.

Due to what works herbal medicine - herbs contain bioactive substances: glycosides, essential oils, alkaloids, tannins, which have an impact on the human body, both in domestic and in external their application.

The advantages of using herbal medicine

If you compare the modern herbal medicine and traditional medicine, we can see that science is based on the use of drugs of plant origin, wins:

  • herbs and other plants collected in clean areas do not contain toxins and are hypoallergenic;
  • herbs, bee products can be found in almost all the active substances, which produces pharmaceutical industry and even those who have not yet learned how to synthesize in the laboratory;
  • herbs when properly used are safe for humans, they can take a long time;
  • herbal extracts, tinctures and other natural remedies mildly affect the body because of their active substances associated with other compounds;
  • herbal preparations can have a strong preventive effect: reduced immunity, start your metabolism and thus, naturally revitalizes the body;
  • medicines of natural origin have a beneficial effect to several organs, which distinguishes them from chemical drugs, requiring after treatment rehabilitation therapy or simultaneous reception of preparations to protect the liver and other organs from the negative impact of the active ingredients of medicines.

Fields of application of herbal medicine

 Herbal medicine - one of the methods to combat obesity
 For a start it must be said that the traditional herbal medicine can be, that is, be a component of traditional medicine, and can be scientific (medical), ie it is part of scientific medicine.

The difference between these two directions that Phytotherapy research does not suggest the use of plants as medicinal drugs alone, but only in conjunction with the recognized and approved drugs often synthetic origin.

Modern herbal medicine can cure everything - from internal diseases, including oncology, to skin lesions and hair of varying degrees and etiology.

A huge niche of herbal medicine in such a direction as to get rid of excess weight. There used herbs with diuretic, laxative effect, dietary supplements of natural origin, reduces hunger, agents that enhance metabolism.

The basic rules of herbal medicine

It is important to bear in mind that the use of herbal medicine - grass, leaves and bark of plants requires knowledge of specific rules:

  • To successfully cure diseases, it is desirable to seek a specialist - Naturopaths. These doctors, as well as homeopaths, well versed in herbs, familiar with the anatomy and physiology of man, his reaction to various biologically active substances;
  • It should adhere to the assigned physician fitoterapevticheskoy scheme;
  • It is necessary to withstand the prescribed dosage as in herbal medicine can be used poisonous plants;
  • Despite the fact that the result of herbal medicine can be observed within a few days of use, it is important to continue treatment on. To consolidate the results of therapy to get rid of chronic and serious diseases designated herbal take long and regularly.