Description of the method of removing moles radiosurgical
 The choice of method depends on the removal of moles on their size, location and other characteristics. Moles can be on TV almost anywhere, and most people want to get rid of age spots, located on exposed skin - neck or face. Addressing the elimination of benign nevi, individually and as a matter of taste. But if Dermatooncology believes that a mole in the long term can lead to melanoma, or skin cancer, the need for its elimination does not depend only on the aesthetic preferences of the patient.

Modern methods of removing moles

Consult a cosmetologist and choose the best method to remove moles should be if it is constantly rubbed or subjected to other mechanical stress. Immediate consultation of the oncologist is needed for the following symptoms in moles:

  • Peeling;
  • Burning;
  • Itching;
  • Redness;
  • Soreness;
  • Bleeding;
  • The increase in size;
  • Changes in the structure.

Although the etiology of rebirth nevi poorly understood on the basis of these attributes can be assigned to the liquidation of formations. Early diagnosis helps prevent the development of cancer, and melanoma.

By modern methods of removing moles include the following types of correction:

  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Cryosurgery;
  • Surgical resection;
  • Laser correction;
  • Radionozh.

Electrocoagulation treatment is carried out using special electrodes. They are heated under the influence of high-frequency current and evaporated birthmark, leaving in its place a dry crust. This crust serves as a sort of natural bandage to prevent bleeding and infection of the wound, but it requires proper care. Electrocoagulation is characterized by lesions of the tissues around the problem area due to strong thermal effects, which can lead to complications in the form of scars.

Cryosurgery is based on the use of liquid nitrogen. This method makes it possible to remove moles to get rid of spots of various shapes and sizes. The cells under the influence of extremely low temperatures instantly destroyed, and the tissue dies. Depending on the depth nevus using either liquid nitrogen soaked cotton swab or kriodestruktory. In the latter case the needle is inserted under the skin, through which liquid nitrogen is supplied to the lower layers of the epidermis. With a thermometer connected to a needle location is tracked temperature exposure that allows time to terminate the process. During the cryoablation can not completely prevent freezing healthy skin.

Surgical removal of moles is shown directly in cases of deep and extensive nevi, divided into separate segments, as well as suspicion of oncology. Chances are that after the operation scars or scars, but sometimes it is the only way to deal with the birthmarks. In the surgical method of removing moles should be remembered that the result is directly dependent on the skill of the plastic surgeon.

Using a laser with high accuracy to eliminate body moles. This not only burned the tumor, but also thrombosing adjacent small vessels, which eliminates the blood loss and provides rapid recovery of the skin. In rare cases, slight traces of operation are mainly due to improper wound care during the rehabilitation period. Select a specific type of laser system can help consultation with experts in the field.

Radiosurgical removal of moles is based on a powerful ionizing radiation of radio waves. When exposed to the tissue can be produced cut ectomy, fulguration or coagulation. On the surface of the skin remains of thermal burns and other traces of the procedure that allows you to safely use the radiosurgical removal of moles, even in open areas. This method is suitable for removing both benign and malignant tumors.

Danger folk methods of removing moles

It may seem attractive removal of moles traditional methods, especially in cases of expression of fear before any radical intervention, as well as trying to save time or money. The result of this approach are usually complications of trauma and skin scarring. In addition, significantly increased the risk of degeneration of nevus into a malignant tumor.

 Traditional methods of removing moles - the risks and consequences
 The variety offered by traditional medicine methods boils down to two main groups:

  • The reduction of blood supply birthmark;
  • Moxibustion different compositions based on medicinal herbs.

Overlapping access of blood in the body of a birthmark carried by tight ligation of its foundation. The blood vessels are clamped, trophic cells is disturbed and mole zasohnuv, disappears. After a while she is growing again, with the likely occurrence of melanoma.

Moxibustion as traditional methods remove moles is to use garlic juice, lemon and celandine. Their action is aimed only at the age spots and discoloration does not help to get rid of moles. The most dangerous burn nevi iodine or vinegar. These tools are very aggressive and can cause severe skin burns.

Remove birthmarks with minimal impact on health can only be cosmetic clinic or cancer center, where it is possible histological examination of cells and reliably determine the nature of the tumors, as well as choose the best method of treatment.