Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy - effects on the body by means of weak electrical impulses. Today, this technique is one of the most popular in the industry of beauty and youth. High efficiency has made it very popular, although initially Estheticians preferred not to take on her as light electrical impulses (up to 1000 mA), in their view, no muscle contractions are not allowed. However, rave reviews about microcurrent therapy forced to radically change their opinion. It turns out that the impact of a soft pulse is an excellent prevention of aging of the skin and is useful for young people and for older people. In addition, the face microcurrent therapy is absolutely safe and absolutely harmless.  Microcurrent therapy facial procedure

Indications microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy facial make in the following cases:

  • prevention of aging;
  • thin, dry, sensitive skin;
  • relax tense muscles that are in hypertonia;
  • impact on atonic, gipotrofirovannye muscles for the purpose of recovery;
  • pigmentation of the skin;
  • removal of fatigue and stimulate blood circulation;
  • stretch marks and scars;
  • trauma, swelling, pasty, postoperative rehabilitation;
  • problem, porous, oily skin, acne, blackheads.

Microcurrent therapy body has the following indications:

  • atonic body skin, stretch marks;
  • atonic muscles of the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, chest;
  • circulatory problems of the lower extremities, swelling;
  • cellulite, body fat, body correction of aesthetic problems;
  • hair treatment;
  • Rehabilitation after liposuction or other operations.

What are advantages of micro-current therapy?

In the opinion of microcurrent therapy can be compared to 10-12 hours of deep and restful sleep. The procedure itself eliminates the possibility of worsening wrinkles or muscle damage, but the effect becomes noticeable after the first procedure. The skin condition is greatly improved, and if you do the procedure for a few days, the complexion varies considerably, the skin becomes smooth and soft as a child's.

The course of microcurrent therapy facial consists of 10-12 procedures. Microcurrents have a positive impact on the processes of cellular metabolism, repair damaged cells, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. With the redemption procedure the intercellular spaces of the toxic substances, relieves muscle spasms, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

This procedure has been applied not only in cosmetics. Microcurrent therapy is widely used by physicians to relieve muscle spasm, and also for the treatment of hair loss, acne, pigmentation of the skin. In addition to micropulses relieve the patient from the underlying problem, they also contribute to the normalization of the secretion of the sebaceous glands and deep moisturizing of the skin.

Effects of microcurrent to the lymph nodes and vessels produces resistant lymphatic drainage effect. Especially popular use of microcurrent therapy in cosmetology to treat under-eye bags and puffiness of the face. Patients often resort to the procedure to prepare your face for plastic surgery. A plastic surgeons often use micro-current therapy for rehabilitation after surgery on his face (facelift, blepharoplasty) in order to reduce the swelling.

In the opinion of microcurrent therapy improves circulation in the muscle tissue, resulting in muscle tone is restored. This allows you to successfully use the technique, not only for individuals but also for the body.

Restoration of tissue under the influence of microcurrent lasts several weeks. Optimal results can be achieved during a long course (2-3 times a week for 1, 5-2 months).

Types of microcurrent therapy

In cosmetology Microcurrent therapy is divided into several types. The most famous of them: mikroionoforez, Microcurrent facelift and neck reprogramirovanie facial muscles, lymphatic drainage, Desincrustation.

Desincrustation is a cosmetic procedure, by which the sensitive skin is closed narrow pores. Carry it with solutions, and dezinkrustantov galvanoforeza. The procedure helps to get rid of sebum, the skin is exposed to face deep cleaning. Using this method, as in cosmetics or in medicine.

Microcurrent lymphatic drainage - removing excess fluid from the tissues. It is known that after 25 years perfusion face is deteriorated, which leads to stagnation of interstitial fluid accumulation of metabolic products of cells. Lymphatic drainage is used to eliminate this problem. This procedure ensures a uniform distribution of liquid that can effectively deal with swelling of the face and "bruises" under the eyes.

Reprogramirovanie facial muscles helps restore tone and facial muscles nutrition. This procedure is an excellent alternative to Botox injections. With the exposure of the skin micro-muscles relax, which makes existing wrinkles less and prevents the formation of new ones.

Get rid of the sagging skin, wrinkles, improve the tone of the facial muscles is possible by means of lifting face and neck using microcurrent. However, this procedure has a small disadvantage - a high intensity stimulation, resulting in a small can be a cosmetic problem - the deepening of facial wrinkles, worsening neuritis.  Microcurrent therapy - effects on the body weak electrical impulses

One of the most common types of facial microcurrent therapy is mesotherapy. This procedure helps to rejuvenate the skin, relieve swelling, reduce scars and pores.

Microcurrent therapy at home

With the appropriate equipment, as well as the absence of contraindications to the microcurrent therapy, it can be done in the home.

First you need to purchase a unit. It must have the following characteristics:

  • The frequency of 1-300 Hz;
  • The strength of the momentum flux - 20-800 microamperes.

With careful approach to the selection of the unit, otherwise you risk to buy a fake, the use of which is not only not bring beneficial effects, but also can negatively affect your health.

Microcurrent therapy should be performed with the use of a special gel. To date, these gels produces many cosmetic companies, so their purchase should not be a problem.

Contraindications to the microcurrent therapy

It is impossible to do this procedure in epilepsy, violation of the integrity of the skin, heart rate, in the presence of cancer, fever, cardiomyopathy, presence of a pacemaker.

Contraindications to microcurrent therapy is also a pregnancy and during breastfeeding.