Mesotherapy face

Mesotherapy face - a procedure aimed at improving skin tone and return to her youth.

Held  Mesotherapy person is carrying hypodermic
 Mesotherapy by injection under the skin of specially selected mixtures of drugs, so-called mezokokteyl. The composition of the cocktails may include minerals, vitamins, nucleic acids, collagen, antioxidants, other moisturizers, reinforcing substances of synthetic, animal or plant origin.

The high efficiency of mesotherapy is that, thanks to injections, which are produced in a special way, the nutritional and anti-aging substances inserted deep into the skin, the dermis, which is not possible when using external cosmetics.

Judging by the reviews, mesotherapy face does give results, but to spend it without consulting a dermatologist or mezoterapevtov impossible.

Indications for facial mesotherapy

The procedure is prescribed for women and men who have observed these symptoms:

  • skin noticeably lost elasticity and firmness, faded;
  • significantly reduced muscle tone person;
  • there photodamage epidermis;
  • the skin is too pale, lifeless, dehydrated;
  • loss of clarity oval face, drooping corners of the mouth and eyebrows, the appearance of nasolabial folds under the influence of gravitational ptosis;
  • vascular "stars" and dilated blood vessels;
  • scars on his face;
  • pigmentation.

How do facial mesotherapy

Mesotherapy person is holding the hypodermic - to a depth of no more than 4 mm.

Conduct  To carry out facial mesotherapy at home using a special mezovalik
 mesotherapy can be manually or using a special device - mezoinzhektora.

The second method is more expensive, and it saves time, but with manual administration of the drug the doctor can handle particularly sensitive skin. Another advantage of the manual administration mezokokteyl that medication is spent economically.

To restore the health of skin is recommended to take about 5-10 mesotherapy procedures.

Reinstall the full course of mesotherapy can be carried out only in 8-10 months. To maintain the skin condition make one procedure every two months.

There is such a thing as no injection mesotherapy face. Carry it to moisturize and nourish the skin and use it to oxygen.

How do facial mesotherapy using oxygen? For the procedure used a gun that works under pressure. Prior to treatment with oxygen is applied to the face serum with hyaluronic acid. Other components of serum are selected individually.

Founded oxygen mesotherapy face the fact that under the influence of oxygen nutrients serum penetrate the skin, run metabolic processes of the skin.

Mesotherapy face at home

Those women who for various reasons do not have access to a lounge for skin rejuvenation, mesotherapy can be offered to carry out at home.

Because cut away the skin on their own syringe uncomfortable for mesotherapy at home using a special mezoroller or mezovalik. The device is equipped with small needles and ensures uniform distribution of the drug.

The disadvantage of mesotherapy at home is what makes punctures mezovalik shallowly.

Contraindications face mesotherapy

It is impossible to carry out facial mesotherapy pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, after an operation recently, during menstruation.

Be sure to warn about such mezoterapevtov diseases: gallstone disease, a bleeding disorder, chronic renal failure, fear of injections, chronic vascular pathology.

Contraindications mesotherapy person may be receiving coumarin, tiklid, heparin aspirintrentala, anticoagulants.

side effects

Reviews of mesotherapy face indicate that after the treatment the skin may be red, felt pain, fever and dizziness (rarely).

Accessing mezoterapevtov unskilled and inept handling mezovalikom at home can provoke nodules, bruising, pigmented spots on the face, infectious complications.

There are also reviews of develop allergic reactions to medications for mesotherapy.