Light therapy

Light therapy - one of the modern methods of medicine and cosmetology, based on the use of directed light beams that simulate sunlight.  Light therapy - a method of influence on the body light rays

Even the ancient Egyptians observed properties of sunlight affect the human health. This is the healing properties described in the writings of Hippocrates. Exposure to light widely used Roman and Arab doctors.

In 1903 the Danish physician Niels Finsen R. awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on light therapy - the development of the device, which emits light with a wavelength equal in length the sun's rays.

When light therapy of polarized light waves propagate not randomly, but strictly in parallel planes, which has bio-stimulating effect not only on the scope of, but also the entire body.

The use of light therapy

Because of its optical properties of polarized light during light therapy has an effect directly on the cell membranes of the body, which causes the activation of metabolic processes and the production of enzymes, an increase of energetic activity of membranes to restore normal rhythm of functioning of the whole organism and increasing energy reserves.

During phototherapy light penetrates deep into the skin by affecting the membrane particles of blood, making the blood less viscous, thus increasing the number of erythrocytes and the possibility of penetrating into the smallest capillaries. This leads to an improvement in the oxygen supply of cells and tissue nutrition.

Modern devices allow the use of light therapy in medicine and cosmetology.

In medicine, light therapy is used to stimulate the body's immune-biological. In addition, light therapy is most often used:

  • For wound healing, tissue repair, and rapid pain relief for wounds, burns, bedsores, post-traumatic wounds and in the period after surgery;
  • For the treatment of oral disease - gum disease, ulcers, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips;
  • In the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, acne, psoriasis;
  • For the treatment of many skin infections of viral or bacterial origin;
  • In sports medicine - if damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments;
  • When treating seasonal disorders, such as "winter depression", which is characterized by a tendency to overeat, irresistible sleepiness and loss of libido.

The use of light therapy for women

A number of studies have confirmed the fact that women are seasonal affective disorders is almost four times more often than men. This is often the cause of not only the depressions but also menstrual disorders.

As a result of experiments, it was found that the light therapy effectively relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Light exposure in the middle of the menstrual cycle in the dark for three days contributes to a significant reduction and normalization of long and irregular cycles, which increases a woman's chances of getting pregnant when data deviations.  Skin infections - indication for phototherapy

The use of light therapy in cosmetology

Light therapy is widely used in many beauty salons worldwide. This not only significantly improve the overall health and strengthen the immune system, but also by improving the metabolic processes at the cellular level, to quickly restore skin health.

According to many reviews, light therapy increases the effectiveness of cosmetic products and promotes well-being and overall relaxation.

Light therapy for the face effectively used in the treatment of acne, which most often occurs in people with oily skin. This disease often leads to complex due to the fact that the facial skin is permanently covered and acne pimples. Ultraviolet radiation light therapy devices for several procedures to successfully destroy the bacteria that lead to acne, without causing burns and other undesirable effects.

In addition, light therapy for the face results:

  • By reducing the number of facial wrinkles, and as a consequence, to equalize the skin;
  • For the active stimulation of your own collagen and elastin cells, which increases the elasticity and tone of skin;
  • To improve the complexion;
  • To increase the degree of hydration of the skin, which helps prevent the loss of skin moisture;
  • By strengthening and toning the walls of blood vessels.

Phototherapy face has a pronounced anti-aging effect, while the use of synthetic cosmetic products can be minimized.

In addition to acne light therapy, according to reviews, is effective for sensitive skin, rosacea (circulatory disorders in the skin), allergic dermatitis.

Light therapy has practically no contraindications. It is effectively used in cosmetic purposes in pigmented, age, dry skin problems, as well as poor blood supply to the skin.

The average duration of treatment procedures is 45 minutes. Generally, light therapy, reviews, effective at course treatment is 10-12 procedures. The best effect is achieved with light therapy combined with other methods of health care - gymnastics, food, massages, cosmetic skin care.