Laser peels

Laser peel is a cosmetic procedure that aims at rejuvenation, wrinkles and blemishes, improve  Carrying laser peels
 state face and skin relief.

Provenance procedures

The first procedure, similar to peeling, conducted during the time of ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece in antiquity polished skin with minerals, precious stones, goat milk and mash. To remove age spots and uneven skin with lemon juice was used, which gave the smoothness and freshness to the skin.

In the 20th century resurfacing laser peel it has become a popular procedure for women in many countries. This allows you to peel remove wrinkles, post-acne scars.

Chemical peeling is a fairly traumatic procedure, after which the skin while still inflamed, reddened, and shelled. Therefore, to replace such a procedure was chosen gentle method of laser peeling, which is effective and safe for the skin.

Indications for the procedure

Laser peels shown to hold in the presence of different types of wrinkles, increased skin pigmentation, acne and post-acne, seborrhea, scars of varying depth, scars and bumps. When the laser treatment can remove warts, moles and papillomas.

Features laser peels

Laser peeling is a highly cosmetic procedure, after which in a few weeks to develop new collagen fibers, that is, there is a complete skin rejuvenation process.

In the process of peeling occurs stimulation of cell growth, as laser resurfacing peeling allows to correct complexion, remove stretch marks and scars.

This procedure is performed for 25 to 30 minutes, swelling and redness of the skin tested within 5-7 days. Large scars removed for a few sessions. Positive feedback received as a laser peel is painless and safe procedure.

Currently  The results of laser peels
 time during the procedure using modern laser systems and devices such as Yakhroma-Med, ELOS, Smartlipo, Galaxy, etc. Using such equipment it is possible to adjust the depth of peeling and control the processing of integuments. Skin acupressure ultrafine laser beams that affect 7 to 45% of the epidermis in a single procedure.

Laser devices allow laser resurfacing peeling aimed at treatment of problem skin with acne, facial wrinkles and spider veins.

The benefits of laser peeling

Good feedback laser peels received as a cosmetic procedure with a number of advantages. These include:

  • low skin trauma that is associated with a gentle exfoliation of the top layer of the skin and secure updates;
  • high result of rejuvenation, which is achieved due to the laser correction aimed at rebuilding the epidermis and activating its update;
  • achieving the effect of lifting, as a result of which smooth oval face, removed the skin lesions, skin tightening is carried out;
  • achieving elasticity of the skin and the normalization of water balance;
  • individual correction, which has a short rehabilitation period and a high level of security.

Contraindications laser peels

Laser peels are contraindicated for cancer, pregnancy and lactation, cardio-vascular diseases in the severe stages of the flow of mental disorders, thrombophlebitis, blood diseases and the presence of allergic skin reactions.

Local contraindications to this procedure are deep skin lesions, inflammation, open wounds, purulent inflammation and growths, chronic herpes infections of the skin, the skin grafts.