Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure - a great novelty in the field of health and beauty. Japanese manicure - Eastern procedure designed to restore weak and damaged nails. For this variety of manicure used special techniques and natural products, so it is very convenient to restore the natural nails. This procedure contributes to the improvement of the nails, making them beautiful, shiny and smooth, helping to strengthen and grow.  Japanese manicure - Eastern technique of nail care

Japanese manicure kit

Set for Japanese manicure cosmetics sold in supermarkets and specialty stores. It includes a gel-scrub nails based on algae, sticks Tachibana and oil scrub with jojoba beads. Also set for the Japanese manicure can be a block with natural chamois nail file, block Kitchin calfskin (polishing) and mineral paste. Manicure Sticks are made of Tachibana - a special type of tangerine tree. Mineral paste contains a complex of proteins and rice milk for degreasing and surface maintenance plate. Japanese manicure is recognized worldwide since 1958. Based on the review, the Japanese manicure many consider the most aesthetically pleasing and effective. This gives a manicure nails a healthy glow.

The main objective of manicure - nail recovery. Therefore, the procedure sounds like both women and men.

There are reviews of Japanese manicure, as a procedure, reducing the strength and elasticity of the nail. Manicure gives nails an amazing luster and accelerates their growth. The procedure is absolutely safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Japanese manicure is useful for the problems of growth of the nail plate, with excessive dryness and brittle nails, with a deterioration in the appearance of the nail plate as a result of poor nutrition or monotonous, with bundle of nails.

Technique Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure technique is extremely nice and gentle. First, nail plates are diagnosed, assessed their condition. Further, the necessary components are selected to restore the nail. Nail plate treated with a special compound to eliminate the penetration of microbes in tissue manipulation of the nail shaft, cuticle and nail plate. Then, prior to the application of special serums spend a gentle massage and peeling nails special scrub. On the cleaned nail plate is applied to a protein shake with rice milk for degreasing nails.

All components sera have medicinal properties. They contain proteins and extracts from lotus seed, ginseng, algae and plants.

Tool with cucumber extract is applied to a part of the cuticle to soften it. Cuticle Softener easily removed special stick of boxwood Tachibana.  Japanese manicure - nails gentle recovery technique

After removing the skin at a Japanese manicure nail plates rubbed jojoba oil. When nail plates dry, they applied tools with ginseng extract, keratin, calcium pearl powder. This magical complex makes nail plates stronger, firmer and promotes their rapid growth. It fills the microcracks of the nail plate, bumps and grooves. Polishing powder "Hon" with beeswax and other substances posing on the nail plate protective film is stable. It gives the nails healthy look and shine, moisturizes them and prevents their segregation.

The base coat contains a variety of oil and bamboo preventing delamination of nails.

Japanese manicure technique involves the use of special hot or cold bags filled with Japanese herbs, mineral salts. Mineral salt impregnated oils, natural ingredients and gives the skin of the hands warm.

After the massage is applied on your hands exfoliating composition that helps to remove dead skin cells and makes hands smooth and soft.

Duration of treatment - from an hour to two hours. To restore the health of nail plates recommended a manicure every two weeks. Nails can be performed in Japanese for fingernails and nail feet.