Removing warts with liquid nitrogen - indications and implications
 Called papilloma tumor that looks like papillary growths. In medicine, it is considered a benign tumor, although in some cases it tends to grow into malignant. This is due, primarily, the state of the immune system of humans as papilloma usually have a viral origin. Localization of this kind of warts is different: they are found in the skin, mouth and nose, in larynx and esophagus, bronchi, and bladder, as well as on the sex organs and the like. D. One of the best modern techniques to eliminate these tumors is to remove warts with nitrogen .

Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen, especially

Compared with other methods of getting rid of outpatient benign tumors of this kind, instrumental cryosurgery (remove papillomas nitrogen) has a number of advantages:

  • The relatively low cost of the procedure;
  • No need for anesthesia, except in rare cases;
  • Easy portability patient removal procedures;
  • Minimal tissue damaging;
  • Excluding bleeding in necrosis;
  • The risk of scarring at the site remote papillomavirus is very small;
  • There is no risk of infectious processes;
  • The lack of effect of recurrent papillomas education;
  • No additional preparation for surgery, suturing and special post-operative care.

In special plants, nitrogen is transferred from the gas to the liquid state at a temperature of minus 196 ° C. On Earth, there is no such a temperature, or nitrogen from the air would turn into a liquid substance.

Removal of papillomas nitrogen based on the freezing of tissues benign tumor . Practically skin cells subjected to the cooling that takes place in them freezing water. As is known, when freezing water expands, thus it leads to rupture and cell death. So, papilloma in low temperatures destroyed and dies.

Methods of removing warts with nitrogen

Consider the subtleties of papillomas nitrogen removal procedure. It was noted above that cryoablation practically involves anesthesia. However, when it comes to the sensitive area of ​​the body or surgery is performed the child, sometimes before the removal is carried out anesthesia novocaine.

It is important to know what to start the procedure in this case, 10 minutes after anesthesia to Novocain had soaked up into the skin. Otherwise, it can also be frozen, which will increase the area of ​​the frozen portion.

Next dermatologist (or nurse conducting cryotherapy) dip a cotton swab in a container with liquid nitrogen, and pushes them to the papilloma. Exposure time depends on the size of tumors - typically 5 to 30 seconds. For example, removal of papillomas nitrogen in severe cases require a longer exposure Because freezing should affect the deeper layers of the skin to the procedure is successful.

After the first pressing, usually in the area of ​​the skin neoplasm becomes white. For example cell death is manifested in the art. Then you must take a break of a few minutes to determine the effectiveness of the impact of the doctor. Depending on the result, it is established whether a papilloma need to re cryoablation or not.

Once deleted, papilloma nitrogen on-site impacts generated bubble, which indicates the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the field. This is normal and is not to be feared. The bubble is usually filled with a clear liquid or reddish: it depends on the depth of influence. When during operation affected by deep skin layers, where the blood vessels, the liquid is red hue. Otherwise, it is colorless, which often serves as a guarantee of the absence of scars after healing.

It is important to know what should be done after removing papillomas nitrogen :

  • In no case can not be opened on their own bubble;
  • Do not seal the bubble plaster;
  • It is recommended to remove the bandage section neoplasms simple bandage in order to secure it against external influences;
  • You can wash it with water, but it should be at pains to avoid damaging the bladder;
  • If the site is strongly hurts, you can apply one analgesic tablet.

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen, reviews

Reviews about removing warts with liquid nitrogen for the most part positive. Many patients after this procedure say it at an affordable price and relatively painless. The absence of scars after such an operation - is also an important factor that a lot of people say in their reviews about removing warts with liquid nitrogen.

 Removal of papillomas nitrogen - Testimonials
 As a rule, for a person who does not suffer from skin disorders or infectious diseases of the dermis, such a procedure has no contraindications. Carrying remove papillomas nitrogen usually contraindicated for people who are allergic to cold exposure   idiosyncrasy or cold at all. In such cases there may be negative comments about removing warts with nitrogen. Especially that determine the presence of such abnormalities before surgery is not always possible.

The same can be said of too advanced cases, when the procedure is necessary to work on too deep dermis, which sometimes leads to scarring.

It should be noted that in a review of the removal of warts and nitrogen observed such disadvantages of this procedure as much as possible inability to control the depth and area of ​​influence, which can lead to traumatic healthy portion. Also the risk of incomplete removal of the tumor and the relatively long period of rehabilitation - the main complaints of patients in a review about removing warts with nitrogen .

It should also add that cryoablation only eliminates the aesthetic defect, while the full elimination of the virus requires a comprehensive treatment. For this purpose, it is recommended to take antivirals and immunomodulators prescribed by the doctor.