Hot manicure

Hot manicure (oil, royal, therapeutic) is a species of European or classic manicure.  Hot manicure - a kind of nail care

Among other methods of skin care hands and nails, he occupies a special place. Hot manicure gained wide popularity both with nails, because it is one of the best methods for their recovery after the removal of the simulated nail.

Technology hot manicure

The technology of hot paraffin manicure recalls. The procedure involves several steps:

  • Disinfect the hands of the master and the client;
  • Removing old paint containing no acetone means;
  • Simulation of the length and shape of nails;
  • Peeling hands;
  • Soak hands in the bath for hot manicure, which usually lasts 10-15 minutes, followed by a massage;
  • Moving away of the nail skin (cuticle) with the help of manicure tools - special pumice, orange stick or metal rod with a rubber tip;
  • Cleaning hands of lotion (cream), followed by wiping soaked in cold water with a towel that conducts to increase blood circulation and closed pores;
  • Polishing nails.

Hot manicure is a unique procedure to restoring and moisturizing effect. This is particularly indicated for dry aging skin, and skin lesions on the background of hands - cracks microtraumas or pimples, under which it is impossible to carry out the hot paraffin bath.

The procedure consists in the lowering of the hands in a special tray for electric hot manicure, which is a special cosmetic product with a creamy structure, warmed to a temperature of 50-55 degrees.  Hot manicure - and reducing treatment with moisturizing effect

This temperature helps to activate many vital processes in the cells of the skin. Through this enhanced blood circulation and opens pores of the skin, which contributes to a rapid and deep penetration of nutrients contained in the cream.

The hot cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin several times better than a conventional, as contained in the cream substances enter the cell activity due to open pores.

Equipment for hot manicure

Tray for hot manicure is a special electric heater, operates in two modes:

  • Heating to a predetermined temperature;
  • Maintain the desired temperature.

In the absence of trays for hot manicure at home butter or cream can be warmed in a water bath, but for optimal effect it is recommended to maintain a constant temperature, which is not very convenient during part of the procedure.

Cosmetic products with a creamy structure that is used for hot manicure, contains a large number of useful for the skin of the hands of ingredients and nutrients, such as lanolin, vitamins, glycerin, mineral oil, help maintain healthy nails and skin of hands. The prerequisite is a lotion immutability of its structure when heated - it should not be split into fats and water.

Advantages of hot manicure

Beauticians recommend to spend a hot manicure:

  • During the recovery period after a nail;
  • In the treatment of inflamed or damaged cuticles;
  • To restore bitten, brittle and thin nails;
  • If you have dry skin of hands, as well as the presence of wrinkles and cracks;
  • Babies with very delicate and thin cuticle;
  • When you are close to the surface of blood vessels;
  • In winter, when the dry skin of the hands increases.

In addition to the intensive moisturizing and nourish the skin hot manicure has a number of advantages compared with other procedures.

Because of increased blood flow hot manicure has a positive impact not only on the skin of hands, but also on the joints. Also after the procedure decreases stress of hands which is inherent in the people whose work involves fine motor hand - knitting, playing a musical instrument, working on the computer.

In addition, hot manicure effectively restores nails - they cease to exfoliate and become less brittle.

Other benefits include hot manicure:

  • The absence of contraindications;
  • The ability to combine the procedure with any means of processing the cuticle;
  • The absence of discomfort during the procedure;
  • Versatility for men, women and children.