Hardware manicure

Hardware manicure - modern technology treatment of nails hands and feet, performed using a special set of tools.  Hardware Nails - Nail processing technology

Hardware manicure usually done in salons, as necessary for its implementation a special device with a set of nozzles. It differs from the classical manicure that all steps are performed using manicure electric tool, rather than manually. Not every manicurist can adequately carry out hardware manicure, because it requires special hardware manicure appliances possession. Improper handling of the tools are very easy to damage the nails and nail beds.

Hardware manicure can be done at home. To do this you need to know the sequence of procedures and buy a special device.

Hardware manicure and its features

Manicure is performed using a polishing machine with nozzles, which removes dead skin parts. Hardware manicure is recommended for clients with problem nails (layer uneven and damaged), dry skin and problematic cuticles. Manicure should be done every 10-14 days. The procedure slows down the growth of the cuticle, safely and gently treat the nail plate without causing cracks and cuts, as well as smoothing the surface of the nails.

Hardware manicure shortens the procedure and reduces the maintenance wizard. The device, through which the hardware manicure, reviews, it looks like the machine for drilling teeth. The kit includes a variety of hardware manicure tips, each of which has its own function. Thanks sparing effect nozzle apparatus for manicure on nails do not appear any cracks or cuts.

Hardware manicure at home

To make the home hardware manicure, you should carefully read the instructions for use of a set of hardware manicure.

The procedure is performed to set hardware manicure designed for home use, professional manicure kit hardware is not recommended for use it is necessary to possess certain skills. Apparatus for home hardware manicure has a few differences from what is used in salons. Nozzle rotation speed not exceeding ten thousand revolutions per minute, while the professional reach thirty or even forty thousand.

It is best to attempt to carry out the procedure on their own, first go to the salon, and carefully study the technique of hardware manicure professionals, undergo specialized courses or video tutorials on the Internet.

Starting hardware manicure, reviews, the first time you need a slow pace, as this may damage the nail plate, working at a fast pace, and without having the necessary experience.  Hardware manicure kit for home use

During the procedure should not be hard to touch the rotating nozzle to nails or skin, hold the nozzle in one place and operate the machine at maximum speed.

Keep the machine must be in the same position as the pen and removing dry skin and bolsters must be tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

The sequence of the procedure is as follows:

  • Firstly, the need to clean the nails from the remnants of paint and degrease the nail plate with cotton wool soaked in alcohol or nail polish remover without acetone;
  • Then, using a special stick (wooden or metal) is necessary to move up to the base of the nail cuticle;
  • After that the average abrasive nozzle slowly remove the dry skin on the loop at the corners of the nail and nail;
  • Further grinding cup polished to a high gloss nail plate, it is desirable not to touch the tip of the nozzle surface of the nail, as there may be scratched;
  • After the hardware manicure, apply the cream on your hands and do a little massage.