Hair transplantation

In our society, it is assumed that the problem of baldness expressed largely affects older men than women. However, in recent years, professional help are increasingly treat young men, as well as representatives of the fair sex.  Principles and methods of hair transplantation

Causes of baldness

In men, the main cause of baldness is a genetic predisposition. Well known is the fact that if the maternal grandfather or father very early began losing his hair, then their grandson or son, this problem occurs in an even earlier age. In women significant hair loss usually results from hormonal disorders.

How to Treat Baldness?

If you have already lost a significant part of the volume of their hair, it is unlikely to conservative methods to cope with this problem. Most of these methods, in particular, and the most effective of them - mesotherapy, aimed at preventing further hair loss and preservation of the remaining amount.

Therefore, in advanced cases, it is better not to waste time and money on ineffective treatment and immediately seek the help of qualified doctors transplant surgeries.

What is hair transplantation?

The only way to radically solve the problem of hair loss and regain its former splendor hairstyle is a hair transplant. Hair transplant surgery can restore full or make corrections hair in the eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp.

Methods of hair transplant

Modern methods of hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive intervention that do not require general anesthesia and hospitalization.

For hair transplant hair follicles are taken from the side and rear surfaces of the head. It is in these areas of hair loss is not observed practically. The donor material is taken through special microsurgical instruments.

The resulting hair transplant donor material called graft. It may contain a different number of follicles. Depending on the amount of their release:

  • Minigrafty (4 - 6 follicles);
  • Micrografts (1 - 3 follicles).

The cost of hair transplant surgery depends on the number of grafts transplanted to the patient. In turn, the amount needed for high-quality hair transplant grafts depends on the area of ​​focus that must be closed, the thickness of the hair shaft, the desired thickness of the hair. For grafts used binocular microscopes, allowing the doctor to take the utmost care material for transplantation, to prevent possible damage to the hair follicles. Because of this almost all transplanted follicles are well acclimatized.

The area where hair is transplanted directly, called the recipient. She performed very small, tiny incisions. Then, the skin edges are raised, and the hole is implanted graft.

The best results in hair transplant, reviews, physicians can be achieved in cases where the main part of the future of the hair implanted array minigrafty and on the border of hair - micrografts. In this case, the patient receives not only thick and beautiful hair, but also the natural hairline.

In recent years, a new and unique method of seamless hair transplant. Its advantages are:

  • Hair transplant surgery is performed without incisions of the skin. As a result, the scalp is not absolutely no scars or traces on the seams;
  • Repeat steps can be performed in 15 days. In the traditional method of hair transplantation reoperation performed not earlier than one year;
  • The procedure for the seamless hair transplant is performed using a special machine that knows no fatigue, and does not make mistakes due to "human factor". Through this procedure it is several times faster, while the quality of its execution at least an order of magnitude higher.  Before and after the hair transplantation

Features a seamless procedures for hair transplant

After the usual hair transplants on the scalp are small scars. Therefore, if a man will continue to wear a short cut, it can remain unsatisfied with the result.

Method for seamless hair transplant technology is that the donor site with a special tool, each graft isolated separately and then using the same instrument it is implanted into a recipient area.

Tools for hair transplant on seamless technology looks very thin tube, the diameter of which corresponds exactly to the diameter of the shaft of the hair transplants. Therefore, the operation is going smoothly and does not cause the patient any discomfort. It is in the course of her can watch TV or read your favorite book. And the most important thing is that after it is left scars, scars and new hair looks completely natural. Thus, seamless hair transplantation, in the opinion of patients, give the best in terms of aesthetics results.

But which method of hair transplantation used in each case decides to transplant hair based on the nature, location and size of the defect and, of course, taking into account the wishes of the patient.