Fashion trends in hair color - professional advice
 Fashion trends in hair color varies from season to season, but the general direction has not changed for many years. In a fashion - naturalness. Previously, it was expressed in the refusal of rich red and purple tones, as well as correction of the characteristic yellow color of dyed blondes. Nowadays coloring coloring agents from leading brands continues to approach the natural scheme. In addition, constantly developing new concepts in the hair coloring fashion color combinations.

Fashion trends in hair color

In recent years, fashionable hair coloring techniques are based on a number of nuances and let you re-create almost any desired effect. For example, it is no secret that natural hair roots is always a semitone or tone darker than the color of the main length. Accordingly, the masters in beauty salons urged not to ignore this fact and applied to the roots of a darker shade of the selected color.

Hair does not stand still and is constantly offering various innovations, allowing a woman to not only add variety to their appearance, but also to emphasize the natural beauty. The most fashionable trends in hair color are now Ombre machinery and brondirovanie.

Hair coloring brondirovanie

Brondirovanie - a technique fashionable hair coloring. You can use it to recreate the effect of hair, sun-bleached, which is found only in women who do not use paint. The word "BROND" - a compilation of English words "brown" (Brown) and "blond" (blond). That is, in the title lies the essence of the method - a combination of shades. Brondirovanie, unlike the popular once-dyeing, it helps to preserve the natural color harmony, as individual strands are not discolored radically and gently lighten several shades of the main color. "Bleached" hair is not damaged and lifeless look and sparkling amber, wheat and honey highlights.

Unfortunately, this fashionable brunette long hair coloring may not work as hard to find a complementary color for too dark palette. And if the hair is initially light, then toning pryadok different variants of brown create a very interesting visual effect. In addition, very good looks at the red brondirovanie girls who fit the bottom of the lightening of hair is honey notes. Used shades should not differ by more than 3 colors, otherwise the naturalness will be lost, and in fact it is the "highlight" of the technique.

The first step is to get rid of split ends to staining for fashionable hair look beautiful. Then, choose the most suitable colors and parting head conventionally divided into the following areas:

  • Parietal - segmental;
  • Vysochno-side - horizontal;
  • Occipital - vertical;
  • Have the crown - a diamond.

Staining start from the back. As hairline separated thin strand and make the so-called darning. Further clarifying the composition and applied strand wrapped in foil. The following strands carry bouffant hair and color to the place where it starts. Thereafter, as the strand is wrapped with foil and thus the whole paint over the occipital, parietal, and then the zone.

The next step in the unclarified hair color is applied to the primary, stand the paint and wash it. After brondirovanie lamination can be done to set the colors better fixed and fashionable hair color did not have to be repeated before the roots grow back.

Fashionable hair color Ombre

Rapidly gaining popularity equipment fashion hair coloring Ombre. Ombre, or degrade - this two-tone paint with a blurred or sharp horizontal boundaries. Unlike brondirovanie This method is based on the contrast and allows different transitions from dark to light hair, and vice versa, as well as soft to any natural color saturation. The choice is limited only by the imagination.

The gradation of color from time to time appear in all areas of fashion - from clothes to nail art. Now you can safely use this technique on your own hair. Degrade equally well it looks like short haircuts, and the long hair and coloring fashionable bright colors can completely change the image. Visual volume created using this technique, it is possible to enhance waves or curls styling.

It is considered to be the most stylish stretch of color from brown to blonde or vice versa. This combination adds elegance and a woman, however, does not change radically its appearance. On dark hair looks spectacular gradual shift to the red, copper or gold, which leaves the impression of a flame.

There are two main ways of hair coloring fashion Ombre:

  •  Examples fashion coloring long hair
 On smooth hair. After careful combing curls paint is applied smooth movements from top to bottom, with the tips dyed intensively. The result is a smooth transition from one color to another. If the roots are grown enough, they are painted in a contrasting shade;
  • According fleece. All the hair is divided into 5 horizontal pryadok and each of them tease. The coloring composition is applied on the lower and wrapped in foil.

Fashionable hair color gradient can be done in the home. To do this, use a special brush, which is usually sold together with the paint. She has depressions that fill the dye composition, and then carried through his hair. The vertical movement of the slide and provides a smooth transition, and the horizontal - sharper.

Lack of home coloring is that it is difficult to guess the right color intensity and smooth stretch. You can seek help from a friend, but it is better not to risk it and trust the appearance of their hair professional who at the same time select the most suitable color.