Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions - a cosmetic procedure, which consists in bonding the synthetic eyelashes to your own lashes in order to achieve elongation and additional volume. Currently, two techniques practiced eyelash: Japanese technology, implying poresnichnoe capacity and eyelash beams. Depending on the materials for eyelash, individual features of the structure of the century, the state of the eyelashes and skin century building effect lasts from 1 to 3 months. If necessary, the correction.  Eyelash - method of achieving additional length and volume of eyelashes

Japanese machinery and eyelash beams. Advantages and disadvantages

Japanese technique involves sticking eyelash artificial lashes each to their own. This method of eyelash can significantly adjust the volume and shape of the ciliary series to create an additional effect. For this type of capacity used piece artificial eyelash which differ in length (from 4 to 21mm), thickness (0, 07 to 0, 3 mm) and the curvature (an alpha labeling).

For gluing eyelashes using hypoallergenic adhesive, colorless or black. Using colorless glue make for a natural effect on eyelash, while the black adhesive creates an additional cosmetic effect tinted century.

The advantages of this method of eyelash:

  • The duration of the resulting effect (artificial eyelashes firmly attached to their own lives and in fact the complete cycle of his own eyelashes, which lasts approximately 1 month);
  • Natural effect;
  • Loss of eyelashes piece is not so much as falling beam (with eyelash beams).

Disadvantages of Japanese art:

  • The duration of the procedure (eyelash takes 3-5 hours, depending on the qualifications of the master and the desired effect);
  • The cost of the procedure;
  • The need for regular adjustment for maintenance;
  • Certain restrictions lifestyle (prohibited use of fatty cream, rubbing of eyelashes during washing, to touch the eyelashes).

Technology eyelash bunches suggests sticking bundles consisting of several artificial eyelashes to your own lashes. This method allows you to receive the maximum amount of own ciliary number that is its main advantage. The main drawback of the method is the fragility of results. Because of its gravity beams disappear, leaving empty spaces in the ciliary row that is unsightly.

Currently, the wizard uses synthetic materials for eyelash extensions. Sable, mink, columns, silk - artificial eyelashes name based on the effect that is achieved when using them. The use of natural materials for eyelash extension is not practiced to avoid the development of conjunctivitis and allergic reactions.

Eyelash home

Separate eyelash at home - a procedure unsafe health .  When eyelash client must be in a horizontal position with eyes closed, which provides a natural, relaxed position of the century, and his calm .  Also, such a provision prevents the eyes from flowing adhesive or cosmetic resins used for fixing artificial eyelashes on the client's own lashes .  Currently, some masters have service eyelash at home .  However, it is worth considering that the procedure for eyelash - painstaking work that requires certain conditions, which often recreate in the home environment is extremely difficult .  Inadequate conditions may significantly affect the quality of the wizard .  Nevertheless, eyelash at home, many women may seem more comfortable than in the cabin eyelash .

Contraindications for eyelashes

Eyelash positioned as painless and harmless cosmetic procedure. However, there are some contraindications to its implementation. Thus, the main contraindications for eyelash extensions are:

  • Skin sensitization century;
  • Chronic conjunctivitis;
  • Allergies;
  • Excessive tearing.

Masters Eyelash also not recommended procedure to owners:  Japanese technology eyelash - pasting each artificial lashes to your own

  • Thin, weak lashes, as the procedure will only aggravate their condition;
  • Fat century as sebum will help to reduce the period of wear artificial eyelashes.

Also caution should be taken to Eyelash those with poor vision requiring correction. Points severely limits the length of eyelashes, while the lenses provide daily mechanical damage of artificial eyelashes.

Eyelash: reviews, recommendations Masters

Masters Eyelash urged to read the review, as the build-up and a wizard that will do the job. When eyelash reviews have incredible value. In the opinion it is possible not only to determine the competence of masters, but also to understand how this cosmetic procedure is right woman. Poor-quality eyelash, reviews of which can be found on the Internet, is fraught with a sense of gravity and the heterogeneity of the eyelids, the development of the inflammatory process due to the ingress of excess fixing agent in the eye of infection.

Eyelashes after extension. Methods of recovery

Eyelash extensions - a process that leads to mechanical damage to the property of a number of ciliated. A wrong size artificial eyelashes leads to the fact that under their own overweight eyelashes break off. Adhesives and resins used for fixing the artificial eyelash, also adversely affect the own eyelashes. Eyelashes after the building in need of repair. Masters Eyelash not recommend walking with artificial eyelashes more than 2 months. Continuous mechanical damage during the correction and socks of artificial eyelashes leads to the fact that their own lashes are too weak. Many reviews say that after building their own lashes lose their shape and volume.

To restore lashes after the building can be used specialized tools that are sold in pharmacies. They contain a balanced mix of vitamins and elements that contribute to the strengthening and growth of eyelashes. Also to restore lashes after the building can be used alone cooked vitamin mixture. The best component of this mixture are castor oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before using ethyl eyelashes necessary to test for an allergic reaction to a small area of ​​the skin.