The technique of tattooing eyebrows
 Not a secret that every woman wants to look attractive on a daily basis, regardless of the presence of free time, mood and money. But not everyone is able to professionally apply makeup, and sometimes it's just not up to it. Therefore, an excellent way to preserve the beauty for a long time is a permanent makeup or tattooing simply. It allows a woman to look as if she had just visited makeup artist. Usually they do permanent makeup eyebrows, lips and eyelids. In this article we will talk about the tattooing of eyebrows.

Techniques tattoo eyebrows

Often, women eyebrows go unheeded, some representatives of the fairer sex feel that they necessarily produce. And in vain! Beautiful eyebrows give the face a kind of originality and charm. With the eyebrow shape can be expressed traits - rigor, playfulness, mystery, sexuality. Of course, it is hard to be so disciplined, so every morning before work to sum up his eyebrows, giving them the desired shape. And time is not always enough. In this case, a perfect solution is to tattoo eyebrows.

Specialists in permanent make-up eyebrows, the following technique: "hair to hair" and "soft feather."

Let us consider each of them.

Hair tattooing eyebrows, in the opinion of experts, enjoys the greatest popularity among women. The method consists in the fact that with the help of a special machine for tattoos wizard draws a line each hair on the eyebrows, from the root to the tip. Skilled craftsmen make such a procedure with special needles.

Hair eyebrow tattoo is of two kinds:

  • East - when traced hairs are of different lengths, intertwine and are aimed at different angles;
  • European - when the hairs in one direction, and are similar to the same strokes.

Lasts eyebrow tattooing procedure hair from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the technology and complexity of the work. First Master, discuss with the customer all the nuances and suggestions cosmetic pencil draws the desired line of the eyebrows. Then he begins to draw each hair. Typewriter or special needles he does punctures in the skin and enters to dye. The procedure somewhat painful, so the wizard in some cases, local anesthesia with a special cream.

Eyebrow Tattoo Safety soft feather - a drawing of a continuous line of eyebrows, while it seems that they just have a good tinted pencil, and from the look completely natural. Soft Feather is most often used when eyebrows sparse or no hair.

With professional application using quality materials tattooing eyebrows, made in any technique, retained from 3 to 5 years. This justifies both moved discomfort and spent on this means a cosmetic procedure.

Consequences of tattooing eyebrows and care

As a result of the procedure skin tattoo eyebrows usually reddens and swells slightly, this is normal and goes through the week. In rare cases, there is the appearance of a hematoma, it depends on the skill of the master. Due to the body's response to injury may occur swelling of the face, which after some time will pass.

After tattooing eyebrows care for them is carried out using special gels or ointments recommended by the master.

In the early days after the procedure is released ichor, which later formed crust. Therefore, removal of permitted ichor using wet wipes without alcohol content. The swelling usually persists antihistamines, pain - analgesics. Lubricate eyebrow ointment or gel to be careful not to damage the formed crust. They are in any case should not be removed, otherwise colored pigment beneath them lose their color and the eyebrows come to a sort of "space."

A result of the procedure can be fully evaluated after 2 weeks.

Eyebrow tattoo removal

In the case where the wizard for some reason does not meet expectations, the color or the shape of the eyebrows are not satisfied, often the only option is to remove patches of permanent makeup.

There are several ways to remove the tattoo eyebrows. The most safe and effective is laser removal. This method allows you to remove the coloring pigment without damaging the horny layer of the epidermis. The laser beam to healthy skin virtually no effect. It affects only those portions that are different in color. Passing freely through the skin, the laser beam heats the pigment particles to high temperature. As a result, they burn, and lymph smeared black, but not immediately, and within a few months. Therefore, re-do the procedure eyebrow tattoo removal before two months does not make sense.

Contraindications to tattoo eyebrows

 Eyebrow Tattoo - reviews and tips
 Before the tattoo eyebrows need to consult a doctor if cardiovascular or allergic diseases. Also contraindicated tattoo people suffering from inflammatory diseases in acute form, cancer, bad blood coagulation, diabetes, hypertension, mental disorders, epilepsy, and pregnant women.

But in general, most people do permanent makeup is allowed. With this uncomplicated procedure, many women discover new facets of its beauty, changing and improve the shape and color of eyebrows. Neat, well-groomed eyebrows emphasize the eyes, emphasize their color, make the face more expressive and attractive.

Analyzing reviews of tattooing eyebrows, we can conclude that the success of this procedure depends entirely on the competence, accuracy and integrity of the master. If you follow tattoo eyebrows from a qualified specialist, it will be really nice and totally safe!