Exfoliating Mask

Peeling Mask (scrub) - cosmetic consisting of the smallest of the abrasive particles with which the surface of the skin removed dirt and dead skin cells. The procedure for using exfoliating mask in a beauty salon or at home called cosmetic peeling.  Exfoliating Mask - means for peeling skin

The skin - the largest organ in the human body, occupying an area of ​​about 1-2 meters. It consists of the epidermal layer, performing a protective function, the dermal layer, which provides the firmness and elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous fat, which contains a supply of nutrients.

The peculiarity of our skin is continuously updated. The life cycle begins in the cells of the deeper layers of the epidermis and ends upon reaching the upper stratum corneum. Along the way she "passes" through granular and prickly skin layers: a process called cell metabolism.

As you move cells to the skin surface moisture is lost, the cell is filled with keratin (keratin) and acquires a flat shape.

OK - the conduct of proper lifestyle - renewal of the epidermis should occur no less frequently than once every 28 days. However, there are many reasons that prevent the skin refreshed. among them:

  • Age. If the cells of the skin 18 is refreshed every 28 days, every year period increased by dividing one day. Thus, the old skin cells predominate over the young, there is a thickening of the horny layer, to form layers (wrinkles);
  • Sun rays. Under ultraviolet light in the course of natural skin reactions to form a protective barrier, and the thickness of the stratum corneum is also increased;
  • Other adverse factors (poor environment, poor and unbalanced diet, inadequate fluid intake, etc.)

Properties exfoliating mask

Peeling Mask is a means by which artificially increase the frequency of skin renewal. Under the influence of fine particulate matter (crushed apricot pits, walnut shells or pine nuts, sea salt particles of minerals, plastic balls) the epidermis is cleaned of dead skin cells, releasing a fresh and young skin access to oxygen.

Thus, the skin restores vitality, softness and elasticity, and the signs of aging of the epidermis (the expansion of pores, wrinkles, reduced elasticity, age spots) lose their severity.

The basic properties of exfoliating mask:

  • Cleansing the skin from the horns of the particles, then the release of sweat and sebum;
  • Improved oxygen metabolism and blood circulation of the skin;
  • Eliminating minor flaws and irregularities of the skin;
  • Getting rid of pigmentation;
  • Pronounced anti-cellulite effect;
  • Wellness and skin rejuvenation.

Exfoliating Mask

Peeling facial mask is used as a means of weekly skin care. It allows you to carry out the procedure for cleansing the skin and make it more youthful, soft and beautiful.

Technology applying exfoliant: Apply a small amount of scrub on your hands. Forefinger and middle finger in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes massaging the face, moving the massage lines (from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the corner of the lips to the temples, from the chin to the middle ear lobes), ignoring the area around the eyes. Remains scrub wash off with warm water.

Frequency of scrub for the face - not more than 1-2 times a week.

Peeling facial mask is used not only as an effective preventive agent against premature skin aging. You should know that:

  • Application After applying facial scrub moisturizing and nourishing cream is better absorbed into the skin, and their effect will be more pronounced;
  • Use a scrub before the procedure depilation prevent ingrown hairs process after shaving;
  • The use exfoliating masks before applying the tanning procedure will allow the bronze layer go smoother and last longer.

Feature exfoliating facial masks is that its consistency must be more gentle than than scrub the legs, hands or body.

For dry and sensitive skin mask fit on the basis of cream for fat is best to choose a cosmetic product on the basis of clay: it will help to narrow pores and eliminate excess sebum. The exfoliating mask on a gel base will become a universal means to care for skin of any type.

Abrasive particles, which are the basis of scrub, and determine the direction of the use of exfoliating masks.

For example, scrub with a plastic balls good massage the skin without damaging it, and are ideal for cleansing dry and sensitive skin.

Scrub with apricot seeds, or nut shells are sharp and can injure the delicate skin - so their use is recommended to owners of oily skin type.  Exfoliating foot mask - for removing dead skin cells

Peeling mask with sea salt particles or milled natural coffee grinds well, eliminating the smallest damage, tones and rejuvenates the skin.

Exfoliating foot mask

Foot Scrub cleanses the skin rougher feet of dead skin cells, making it more smooth and delicate, struggling with itchy and bad micro-organisms. Included in the exfoliating foot mask abrasive ingredients promote blood circulation, stimulating the body's metabolic processes.

Exfoliating foot mask made on the cream or gel base and contain a larger amount of abrasive particles to a deeper and more effective peeling.

Foot Scrub is an excellent anti-stress tool, enabling you to relax and relieve tension. Before you apply a cosmetic to the skin, the feet should be well to steam in the bath with hot water (with the addition of herbal infusions, essential oils or conventional liquid soap). After the "water treatment" must be applied to the peeling mask on foot and gently massage the skin for 3-5 minutes. Further feet washed, wiped with a towel and lubricated moisturizer.

To maintain a stable effect makes peeling feet is recommended not less than 1-2 times a week.