Electrolysis - is a method of complete removal of body hair. Epilation is performed using electric discharges, which by means of electrodes with thin needles are directed in the follicles. Under the influence of electric current destroys the hair bulb and the hair stops growing.  Electrolysis session on the face

Types of electrolysis

Today, electrolysis is carried out in five ways: electrolysis, thermolysis, Blend, Flash, pincer hair removal.

Electrolysis involves the use of a small DC voltage. Under its influence around the hair follicles formed sodium hydroxide which destroys it.

Painful procedure, after it can remain on the skin redness.

Experts resorted to hair removal by electrolysis only if you need to treat a small area of ​​the skin because the procedure is quite long.

Thermolysis, unlike electrolysis, carried out with a high frequency alternating current. In this case, the effect of epilation because bulbs heated and destroyed.

Thermolysis is faster - the hair is removed for 2 seconds, in one session, you can remove one-third of unwanted hair.

Disadvantages of electrolysis, which is carried out by thermolysis - is that it does not offer the ability to remove the hair from the root and bent that it is painful. There are reviews of electrolysis thermolysis, indicating that after the treatment the skin may be burned.

Method Blend simultaneously operates on the principle of electrolysis and thermolysis. Removes hair on average for 10 seconds, but not as painful sensations, and have the ability to remove hairs that have twisted roots.

Flash Method is based on the high-frequency discharge with a high pulse duration. The method can reduce the pain, but the discomfort is still there.

Pincer epilation - the removal of hairs by means of electrodes in the form of tweezers. As used herein, a high-frequency electric current. The method works as follows: the tweezers grab the hair and is fed through a discharge.

The advantage of this method is that the electrode is in contact with the skin, thus reducing the risk of burns and irritation. Most frequently used method for the removal of hair in areas where the skin is particularly sensitive.

Reviews electrolysis indicate such disadvantages of the method: the bulbs are not destroyed completely the first time, the procedure must be repeated more than 5 times. This influence on the current one hair should be about 30 seconds.

There is one more thing as a scan (scan) Hair Treatment. It is sometimes referred to as electrolysis, but it's wrong, but an electric current is also used. Sense procedure that hair treated with solutions reduces their growth, then the influence of electric current - as a means to better penetrate into the hair roots.

If you go through a few of these treatments scan, it is possible to ensure that the hair istonchatsya gradually cease to grow. In some salons, the scan processing is carried out simultaneously with the electrolysis or thermolysis.

In some areas, you can remove the hair using electrolysis

Most often, electrolysis is performed on the face and legs. In addition, this method can remove hair on hands.

The groin (electrolysis bikini), armpits, chest hair removal using an electric current is not recommended because in these areas the lymph nodes are located close enough to the surface of the skin. Nevertheless, the practice of holding salons actively electrolysis bikini, underarms, calming their visitors in that the depth effect of the electric current is not large enough to touch the lymph nodes.  Session electrolysis feet

What you can and can not do after electrolysis

After electrolysis during the day can not wet the treated area with water. While the skin does not recover after the procedure, it is recommended to use special tools for processing. They are usually recommended by the master, who conducted the epilation, given the characteristics of the skin, the degree of trauma, etc.

It is undesirable to sunbathe or in the solarium after electrolysis - it can traumatize the skin, cause the appearance of age spots. You can not swim in open water, the sea, the swimming pool, visit the sauna.

Do not touch the processing area with dirty hands. Lingerie and clothing, if you remove the hair on the body, it is advisable to wear cut free from natural materials.

It is necessary to reduce the physical burden because of excessive sweating skin is slower to heal.

These limits apply only to the period of recovery. It lasts an average week.

Also, if the electrolysis was carried out on the face, it is important to know that the first day will have to do without makeup.

Many wonder whether it is possible after the electrolysis full use other methods of hair removal, or hair removal (shaving, depilatory cream treatment). Experts recommend not to use other ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. That is, for example, if the electrolysis was conducted in the face, but the result is not satisfactory, it is advisable to consult with a specialist, and use another method of electrolysis, but do not attempt to shave or pluck hairs.

Contraindications to hair removal electric shock

You can not remove the hair by electrolysis, if found:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • infection;
  • heart disease;
  • acute, chronic skin diseases;
  • pustules, inflammation of the skin;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • cancer;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes in the decompensated stage;
  • idiosyncrasy current;
  • hepatitis.

Also it is impossible to carry out electrolysis pregnant, lactating women, those with intrauterine device is (if it comes to bikini electrolysis), as well as people with pacemaker.