Features of laser removal of plantar warts
 Plantar warts - a flat solid tumors on the skin of the soles of the feet, topped with horny epithelium. Location determines the build-up part of his injury, which leads to discomfort during walking. Treatment involves removal of plantar warts, which is practiced several methods .

Causes of plantar warts

Plantar warts - hardened seal with clear boundaries, often of round or oval shape with a size of 2 cm. By itself, it does not cause pain, but due to friction and pressure on the shoe it, the person can be uncomfortable when walking.

The cause of plantar warts on the feet is the human papilloma virus (HPV). It causes a variety of tumor formation from epithelial tissues. The virus is spread by contact, it is particularly active in moist and warm environment. Infection occurs usually in childhood, but with age the immune system to cope with the virus, and do not form tumors. Provoke the appearance of plantar warts can scratches, abrasions and blisters on the skin of the feet, sweating legs and wearing tight shoes.

Assign a method to remove plantar warts should dermatologist independently treat this disease should not be . The fact that these nodules have a long rod which goes deep into the skin. It leads to incomplete removal of neoplasms regrowth in the same place. At the same time due to damage to the surrounding skin may spread warts on the body.

Treatment for plantar warts

In many cases, the immune system of their own to cope with the infection, inhibits the development of virus and heals the skin, that is, the tumor goes alone. But it is quite a long process, and stop constantly exposed to physical pressure, which is why the warts on the soles can grow and deliver human discomfort. If the build-up greatly expanded, or appear next to the child growths carried out the removal of plantar warts .

Methods of treatment of plantar warts in traditional medicine are divided into 3 groups:

  • Physical - soft laser and liquid nitrogen;
  • Chemicals - with acids (nitric, salicylic, trifluoroacetic and the like);
  • Operational - surgical removal of plantar warts under local anesthesia, removal of the ultrasound, laser or radio wave scalpel, electrocautery.

Most often, to remove plantar warts, reviews, used methods of laser therapy and cryotherapy (treatment with liquid nitrogen).

Removal of plantar warts laser

Laser destruction should be carried out by a doctor or dermatologist, cosmetologist. The procedure is performed using special equipment that generates a laser beam. At the heart of the removal of plantar warts is laser evaporation of the liquid in the body tumors Whose cells are 75% water. In modern medicine, used several types of laser systems:

  • Carbon dioxide laser - this method is based on the ability of water molecules absorb laser radiation. Under the influence of the beam on the pathological tissue water boils in their cells and destroys them. This treatment is very effective, but after the scars may remain, causing pain when walking;
  • Erbium laser - used the same mechanism of action, but through the use of a shorter wavelength allows you to remove plantar warts with less trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue;
  • Pulsed dye laser - This method is based on gluing the capillary walls. The beam at the contact point has a selective effect on oxyhemoglobin, which leads to coagulation of protein structures, circulatory disturbance and destruction of capillaries warts. This procedure has no side effects, does not cause the formation of scars and with a high degree of build-up prevents the re-occurrence.

Removal of plantar warts laser - fast, efficient and highly accurate method . The whole procedure takes several minutes, the laser only affects tumor without affecting healthy tissue. Laser system allows you to control the depth of the impact on the fabric, whereby the build-up can be eliminated completely from the root. Soreness of procedure depends on the size of the warts, it is usually carried out under local anesthesia.

Removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen

 Removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen - for and against
 Cryotherapy - a popular and widely used method of treatment of warts. It is based on the use of liquid nitrogen (nitrogen gas passes from the liquid state at a temperature of minus 196? C). When cryotherapy intracellularly processed tissue is frozen water, which leads to the rupture of cell membranes. The wart is destroyed and dies.

Removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen is performed by various methods Which differ freezing time, method of application, the amount and frequency of treatments. Depending on the time of freezing cryotherapy can be mild or severe. Soft impact is directed to the activation of local immunity. It does not lead to scarring, it is absolutely safe and quite effective.

With an aggressive build-up is formed under the influence of the subcutaneous bubble that later is cut with him. In this way, it is likely that the scar will remain, but, in the opinion of the removal of plantar warts by this method, it happens infrequently.

There are other ways of destruction of plantar warts, but it should be noted that these methods do not eliminate the cause of their appearance - the human papilloma virus. To combat it will require a comprehensive therapy aimed at strengthening the immunity.