Laser wart removal - pros and cons
 Protect the body from harmful external influences - is the primary function of human skin. However, and she may suffer from various negative factors. One is filterable virus that contributes to the skin neoplasms such as warts. Aggravating factors are considered in this injury, increased skin moisture, a general weakening of the body's resistance.

Removal of warts, depending on their type and location, possibly in different ways .

Types of warts

There are three main types of warts:

  • Ordinary. This hemispherical single formation with a rough surface, which sometimes merge together. Most often this type of warts appear on fingers, back of the hand, slightly less - on the face and soles;
  • Flat or youth. These growths are inherent primarily teens. They are dense tan papules with a smooth surface, which are located at the same level with normal skin. There are usually on the face, neck, hands, have a multiple character. Perhaps the spontaneous removal of warts that species;
  • Genital warts. Skin defects are a kind of "foot," or narrow base, at the end of which are irregular proliferation of epithelial tissue. These tumors are usually localized in the natural folds of the body, on the border of the skin and mucous membranes, often in the genital area.

Warts - quite unpleasant phenomenon. In this regard, quite understandable desire to get rid of these blemishes.

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen

One of the most popular ways to solve the problem - removal of warts with liquid nitrogen . This procedure is a short-term effect on skin tumors a substance having a very low temperature. The affected area is processed by an applicator, which has a special tip.

The process of removing the warts with liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the surface is very cold matter. Exposure time depends on the type and size of tumors, but usually does not exceed 40 seconds. As a result of deep-frozen treated skin area is undergoing a number of changes. During the session, he gradually begins to fade, then turns red. At the site of the wart forms a bubble, which is replaced after about a week of fresh crust. After drying, it disappears, it remains under the pink spot.

When removing warts patient testimonials depend primarily on the result . Many have noted the high efficiency of this method. However, it has some drawbacks. This pain during the procedure and certain inconveniences which delivers formed on the site of the wart bubble.

Laser wart removal

Any medical intervention in the body is fraught with the development of complications. However, the presence of skin tumors often gives its owners a lot of problems. A highly effective way of treating virtually eliminates side effects, laser wart removal is considered.

The procedure may be carried out by different methods. For example, one of which provides exposure to the laser vessels feeding the modified area of ​​skin. This leads to a violation of local blood flow and tissue necrosis warts. Dead areas of tumors removed from the skin.

Another method for the removal of warts is the direct impact of the laser beam onto the diseased tissue . The result is a "burning" the warts, which gradually takes the place of normal skin. This method eliminates the problem of a single session, its use requires a local anesthetic.

When laser wart removal reviews are generally positive, due to the high efficiency of the method and speed of achieving results. However, as in any "honey spoon", here there is a "drop of tar." This - the cost of the procedure, which is quite high.

Removal of warts at home

Quite often, for various reasons modern methods of removing warts are not available. However, it is possible to get rid of the defects of the skin on their own, of course, to achieve positive results will take some time. Removal of warts at home can be carried out using a pencil lyapisnogo, salicylic ointment , Iodine, and other means.

 Removal of warts - reviews and recommendations
 Handle changed parts should be very carefully, avoiding contact of the drug to healthy skin, as this can cause damage. Application lyapisnogo pencil which is a dry silver nitrate allows to effectively cauterize warts, after which they disappear. Using ointment also gives a good result, but to achieve it will require more time. Removal of tumors using iodine - the easiest way. Grease skin growths must be 1-2 times a day for a week, after which they dry up and fall off.

To remove warts at home and often use folk remedies, such as the juice of celandine . It is a fairly viscous orange liquid, which is released from the stems of plants. The damaged skin needs two times a day to lubricate the fresh juice, which has a very strong effect.

Wart removal is possible both in institutions and at home. However, the location of tumors on the face should not self-medicate, it is fraught with serious consequences. Also, be aware of the nature of viral warts. To avoid further their appearance, it is necessary to take care of strengthening the immune system.