Facial rejuvenation - reviews and tips
 Facial rejuvenation involves an integrated approach - a healthy lifestyle, literate daily care and modern hardware technology.

Means for facial rejuvenation

The aging process involves epidermal loss of its elasticity due to reduction of elastin and collagen. Simultaneously fade skin, changing the proportions of facial features.

To the skin as long as possible remained young and elastic it is necessary to give up bad habits, sleep at least 8 hours, and drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Daily exercise normalizes blood flow and oxygen supply complete skin cells. Besides fortifying exercises, proven effective anti-aging special exercises for the muscles of the face and neck.

Nor can we say about the benefits of massage for rejuvenation. Conducted according to the rules - in the direction of massage lines - it gives excellent therapeutic and preventive effect.

Foods with a high content of vitamins and trace elements securities - pledge persistent facial rejuvenation. Cereal, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and lean meats, oily fish and marine products, wholemeal provide all necessary epidermis. Particularly useful for skin products with a high content of vitamin E - olive oil, nuts, flaxseed - and antioxidant-rich green tea.

At a time when little sunlight, be sure to use a multivitamin and mineral complexes. In particular, the skin especially the "likes" vitamins A, E, C, and zinc.

Balanced home care should include cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. For maximum effect, you should pick up means for facial rejuvenation in a way that they contain a powerful anti-aging ingredients:

  • Retinol;
  • Vitamin C is stabilized;
  • Jasmine oil;
  • α- lipoic acid;
  • Peptides;
  • DMAE;
  • Pantothenic acid;
  • The exfoliating acids.

To achieve the effect of the so-called House of Botox is enough to add to a quality night cream drop of anise oil.

It is impossible not to mention cosmetics with lifting effect. They provide a visual effect in the lift for several hours after application. In addition, at any time of the year before going out sunscreen should be used for the prevention of photoaging.

Modern treatments for rejuvenation

 Action means for facial rejuvenation
 Among the most popular methods today include Botox injections. They allow you to achieve radical results without resorting to surgery.

Good effect RF lifting. This half-hour procedure for facial rejuvenation, reviews comparable to plastic surgery.

Innovative technique offers facelift use gold threads. They eliminate the double chin, corrects oval eliminate nasolabial folds. The advantage of the method lies in the fact that, although the threads dissolve over time and, in the skin thanks to them formed its own collagen framework.

One of the most effective ways for today is laser rejuvenation of the skin. Intense laser radiation impact on the deeper layers of the skin stimulates the rejuvenation due to increased synthesis of collagen and elastin. Laser rejuvenation of skin and eliminates existing pigmentation, eliminates pain, trauma and infection.

Thus, the modern arsenal of home and professional tools and techniques for facial rejuvenation can effectively resist the aging process. To do this, they should be used on a regular basis.