How to dye your hair after dyeing
 Highlights considered the most gentle procedure compared to the total hair dyeing, as if this technique painting exposed to only a few strands, or tips. At the same time it is worth noting that even this method of staining has negative consequences for the health of hair, because inevitably leads to their fragility and dryness, if you do not take the necessary measures. that is why it is important to know how to take care of the hair after dyeing as to give them back the original look or painted in a different color .

How to restore your hair after dyeing

It's no secret that after the procedure, highlighting that although it can give the hair the original colors and the desired volume, hair needs special care. To restore the hair after dyeing, must first acquire the necessary means to care for colored hair. To do this, there are many nutritional shampoos, balms strengthen, masks and gels.

In addition, virtually any drug may be found vials containing a complex of natural substances and specific vitamins that assist in a short time to recover after hair dyeing.

It is also important to remember that the use of a hair dryer, ironing and curling the hair in this period only contribute to damage the hair. This is due to the fact that streaked hair and so quite fragile and brittle, and temperature extremes have on them even more adversely affected.

To restore the hair after dyeing, and often used traditional medicines . Among the most effective popular recipes are the following:

  • Egg yolk should be separated from the protein and carefully whisk. Then rub it into the hair roots and hide the head cap. You can wash off after half an hour;
  • Oily sour cream should be applied to the roots and spread on the hair to the tips, and then hide the head cap and a towel for an hour, then rinse;
  • The scalp massage rub burdock or olive oil, which also help to restore the hair after dyeing. Rinse should be one hour of warm water;
  • Natural honey strengthens and feeds fine hair, so it is often mixed with 1 micronized lemon or kiwi in a blender, then the mixture is applied to the hair and held for about an hour under a special cap.

It is worth noting that the use of a hair dryer after any of the above procedures are not recommended: the hair should dry naturally, not to be exposed to different temperatures.

How to dye your hair after dyeing

Of course, the main effect of highlighting is the uneven distribution of color on the hair, but it is a problem and acts later when you need to get a different color. After all, during the procedure, some strands are clarified, others do not, and sometimes even used several shades, so dye your hair after dyeing in one color is not so easy .

Naturally, the ideal option is the gradual cutting of colored hair as long as there will be only natural that you can easily paint in the desired color. But not all can not wait that long, especially if the result is highlighting did not like the.

In this case, before you dye your hair after dyeing, you should try to get rid of shades, acquired after the procedure. This can help hair remover, which is natural, acid and bleaching:

  • Smyvku life can be prepared at home by mixing equal quantities of castor, olive and sunflower oils. Then, the mixture should be heated to body temperature and put on hair, hiding his head in cellophane for half an hour, then rinse. The procedure can be repeated every 12 hours;
  • Acid remover contains no harmful substances such as ammonia and perhydrol but melirovannyh lightening hair with it occurs on two tones at a time;
  • Discolors the remover is the fast, but at the same time the most harmful. It helps to achieve clarification in the 4 tones for 1 session, but the procedure can be repeated only 2 weeks since it severely damages the already traumatized hair.

The color of the hair after dyeing will be difficult to recover, so often have to spend after bleaching stain repeatedly . It is also important to note that after streaked bleached hair, the selected color may be applied only after 2 weeks. As for the strong Blondirujushchy paints that allow dye her hair in one session, they are in this case, should be avoided. Such compositions are very dry hair, resulting in a cross-section of the tips.

In addition, the color of the hair after dyeing should be chosen carefully to get a good result. It is recommended to apply the shade a few shades lighter than the natural color, as dark paints badly streaked strands. Also, If you dye your hair after dyeing with henna or basma, their natural composition can react with chemical paint . This will lead to the formation of a violet or greenish tint the hair.

Toning hair after dyeing

 What to do if you do not like the color of the hair after dyeing
 For anyone who does not want to expose the hair after dyeing further severely tested as bleaching and dyeing, there is an alternative option as toning. Specialists call it as color correction, because it helps to not only change the color of the individual strands, but also to strengthen the overall hue, making it more saturated and bright.

Toning hair after dyeing is carried out using semi-permanent color, which is considered the most gentle. It, unlike dyes, which include the ammonia, does not destroy the hair structure and acts only on their outer layer, aligning hair scales. This makes the hair smooth and shiny.

in this way, even multiple toning hair after dyeing will not harm the health of hair, do not spoil and does not dry up your hair . In addition, it is perfect for women who due to pregnancy, lactation, or due to allergies can not use resistant paint after dyeing.