How will the highlights on the light brown hair
 Today, millions of women practicing hair color in many different ways. Highlighting one of the most benign methods, because this technique involves painting only individual strands or tips. The result could be achieved, while the original natural effect. Most often used for highlighting brown hair, make for a natural look.

Forms for highlighting brown hair

Depending on the dyeing technology emit several types of highlighting for blond hair:

  • French;
  • Venice;
  • Brazilian;
  • Ashen;
  • Glare;
  • California.

French highlighting the most suitable owners of wheat, ash or light-brown shades. Equipment of this type is considered as safe as possible, as in the inks that are used in the procedure is not included ammonia. Moreover, they usually contain a wax. It is worth noting that this kind of highlighting helps to lighten blond hair strands a maximum of three colors. Therefore, it is not recommended to girls with dark hair, because they kind of effect will not be noticeable.

Venetian method consists in dyeing without the use of foil in the similar colors 4-6. It is most often brandy, gold, chocolate, light brown shades. In this case, the paint is applied with a brush, and drying it naturally, leaving smooth color transitions.

Brazilian hair weave allows to make brightness and saturation of color. This color looks very natural, as if scorched under the sun. This effect is achieved by incremental burn colorations strands of one shade. The result is a dark color and light roots - ends.

For the kind of ashy blond hair dyeing in the characteristic coloring of some strands in shades of steel. It is important to say that this method gives originality, not only to owners of blond hair, but looks stylish in the dark. At the same ashy color experts believe capricious, therefore recommend to entrust the work of skilled craftsmen with him. In addition, this group is washed away more quickly than others, used in the partial dyeing. That's why he needs to be corrected much more often than other colors.

Glare highlights & gt; directed, first and foremost, for a shimmering effect. When this method is used paint colors as close as possible to help achieve barely perceptible play. This painting is also necessary to carry out the master to get the desired result. With proper staining hair looks so natural that not even every specialist can determine the technique.

California highlights for blond hair

Perhaps the most common way of highlighting today is the Californian highlights on brown hair, so you should talk about it separately. Perhaps this is due to the popularity of this method so that it is one of the most benign forms of hair coloring. It is often referred to as caramel highlights or color banner. In addition, it highlights on the California brown hair is able to give the most natural effect.

With this type of highlighting used 4-6 close to each other tones (beige, caramel, honey, sand and so on. D.). At the same time the hair roots remain unpainted. This method does not use the staining foil that helps to achieve natural and subtle play of colors without contrasting strands and sharp transitions of shades.

Furthermore, when dyeing, California on brown hair, is not applicable when the foil colored strands are in direct contact with the remaining hair. This helps to eliminate the distinct border between the natural and bleached locks, and thus achieved the most natural effect of highlighting.

The main advantages of California should be highlighting the following:

  • Effective coloring gray hair;
  • No need for a permanent coloring as the general background does not create a contrast regrown roots;
  • The possibility of using soft products for lightening that does not cause great harm to the health of hair.

Highlights on light brown hair

As a rule, highlighting on a light-colored hair do like using lighter colors and dark: the choice of color depends, in this case primarily on personal preference.

 California highlights on brown hair - the subtleties and secrets
 Thus, natural blondes can get a couple of strands of shades lighter than their natural color. Basically, the effect is obtained sun-bleached hair with individual strands of golden, gray, wheat, and other shades of beige. Bright highlights for blond hair in this case is recommended in the salon by a professional hairdresser, because you have to get the most smooth transition from one color to another. Such overflow visually gives hair extra volume and creates the game sunlight on her hair.

It should be noted that the bright highlights on brown hair often make a more pronounced effect faded in the face than on the rest of the hair. Also in this painting is often used vintage weave, creating the effect of regrown that looks very natural.

Highlights on light-brown hair, as already noted, is carried out with the help of the darker shades, which also allows you to show imagination and to achieve innovative solutions. Just a few strands of chocolate combined with honey or beige strands can radically change the whole image of the holders of a light-brown hair.

Also highlights on light brown hair is often done using a golden-reddish shades that help achieve the scope and splendor hair. In addition, this option once refreshing kind of hair, giving them the brightness and color saturation.