Darsonvalization face used in cosmetology as a local procedure that improves skin condition.  Darsonvalization - method of physiotherapy cosmetic

Darsonvalization as a method of physical therapy, the impact of using high-frequency alternating sinusoidal currents low power. This enhances the effect of the outflow of venous blood and lymph circulation, speeds up the metabolism in the skin. During the darsonvalization decreases swelling of the face, improving delivery of nutrients to the deep layers of the skin.

Darsonvalization, reviews, helps to successfully combat premature skin laxity and wrinkles on the face first. If you purchased the device for darsonvalization, similar cosmetic procedures can be done at home.

In beauty salons often spend darsonvalization face as the main manipulation of lifting of 10 minutes or the final stage of vacuum cleaning, cleaning with Desincrustation. Full course darsonvalization person includes 10 - 20 consecutive sessions.

Action darsonvalization

The high-frequency current at a local darsonvalization in the skin causes a response in the form of local or segmental vasospasm. Short vasospasm almost immediately replaced by their extension. This results in the improvement of blood and lymph circulation, increases oxygen flow in tissues, decreases venous congestion at the site of exposure. AC does not have time to change the ionic composition of the cell, so does not cause muscle contractions.

Darsonvalization procedure also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. This effect is more concerned with spark action on the skin when there is an activation of tissue macrophages, and indirectly through their local and humoral immunity.

The high-frequency current acts on the nerve endings in the skin, blocking them and thereby inhibiting the sensitivity. When darsonvalization face reduced activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Methods darsonvalization

Apparatus for darsonvalization act as a contact or remotely.

With local darsonvalizatsii by vacuum electrode to the skin is applied high voltage. The electrode of this type of air or very sparse or absent altogether, his tension under these conditions causes the ionization of the air. Contact technique involves the smooth conduct of the electrode for dry skin, which causes silent discharge.

If the unit operates for darsonvalization remote procedure, the electrode is carried on the skin and then torn from its surface or is carried out continuously over the surface of the skin along the massage lines, providing an air layer between the skin and the electrode.

According to reviews, darsonvalization for remote procedure creates a pleasant tingling sensation over the place of the procedure. Before the start of the session to be cleaned skin tonic. Seals and scars on the skin exposed to more prolonged exposure to the current. Methods darsonvalization well with vacuum therapy.  The procedure for local darsonvalization persons

Indications darsonvalization

Darsonvalization procedure recommended in cases of:

  • Seborrheic alopecia;
  • Chronic eczema;
  • Education scars (including keloids);
  • Allergic itch;
  • Acne;
  • Limited neurodermatitis;
  • Cold sores;
  • Chronic inflammation in atopic dermatitis in children;
  • Abscesses;
  • Hematomas.

Getting rid of these problems not only improves skin condition and appearance of the person, but also changes in a positive way the quality of his life.

Contraindications darsonvalization

Permanent contraindications to darsonvalization are malignant tumors, coagulation disorders, thrombophlebitis, tuberculosis, cardiac arrhythmia, intolerance to electric current, epilepsy.

Temporary contraindications are conditions such as fever, bleeding, pregnancy.